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Officer Medial Query


I have passed my Briefing and Main Board, and their respective medicals, and I was just in the process of sending off all the documentation for PCCBC/Sandhurst when I came back down to earth with a bump when I got my medical files off my Doctor.

Migraines are one of the conditions that preclude service, but I have one down in my record from 5 years ago. Having spoken to my doctor about it - they were as helpful as they could be with knowing very little about Army recruitment - and they said that they wouldn't consider it a condition given that it was so long ago, there have been no repeats, the symptoms I described were not a 'classic' migraine and were probably due to some medication I was temporarily on at the time.

I know this is a very specific question, but I was anxious about it and would appreciate any advice. The information is on my record and obviously can't be altered. On the Health Questionnaire I ticked 'no' the Migraine but in the details section I mentioned the headache from 5 years ago.

Friends have been telling me different things (call the SMO/Sponsor vs don't ever call the SMO/Sponsor about it!)

Grateful for any help!
I used to suffer from migraines as a teenager, and when I applied for the army I was told that I had to get a letter from my Dr saying that I hadn't had one in over a year, which was the case. This is what I got told from my recruiting CSgt.
This was a few years back mind.

Hope this helps!

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