Officer marrying a soldier

Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by Dammj, May 26, 2011.

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  1. I already posted this but i think i put it in the wrong place.
    My question is can a Officer marry a Soldier?
  2. No. Against Queens Regs.
  3. Outrageously, it only applies to marriage, if they were up hill gardeners or bean flickers then they could get a civil partnership.
  4. You can if you are an ordained priest (or Rabbi, depending on religion). Getting married to a soldier, however, is a no no.
  5. That's because decency is frowned upon nowadays.
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  6. Hear hear!
  7. It happens in the RN, didn;t think it was against regulations, as long as you're not in the same unit
  8. Well said..
  9. As it should be if you expect even minimal good order and discipline. One must remember that there are the occasional "overnight courtships" with an early morning "wedding," between some 19 y/o Marine and a wily indigenous woman in some 3rd world nation.

    However, most marriages occur after some period of courtship, that usually in our ever so sophisticated post modern world includes all manner of sexual activity beyond the chaste kiss and held hand of simpler times. Thus there is much more to consider than a enrapt couple suddenly appearing as man and wife or some other "nontraditional" combination. All this means profound issues as to fraternization and the usuAl negAtive effect it has on the nature of the officer--enlisted military relationship from the perspective of good order and discipline.
  10. There was such an occurrence in the Wildenrath area in the early '70s - a young and gallant (yup!) Lt fell in love with a young (and very, very nice!) L/Cpl in the WRAC. They were both hounded out of their respective services. I really hope that things would have changed by now.
  11. Yes.#######
  12. This is purely anecdotal but I knew a guy who was seeing an officer. They weren't in the same chain of command but apparently there was some unpleasantness and she resigned her commission soon after which they got married.
  13. The regulations are tri-service. I know a Petty Officer (Sergeant) married to a Lieutenant (Captain).
  14. Does anyone know where i can see the queens regs online?
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