Officer leaking info about me

I wonder if anyone has had a similar experience and if so who did you report it to. I found out this weekend that my fiancés friend who I do not know and never had any interest in knowing, has been abusing the army system to find out info about me so that he and his wife can find something to break us up, as he thinks that I am not good enough for her as I am a Corporal, I know its very weird and to be honest I have never been so insulted or so annoyed by anyone since I have been in (12 years).
We are not even in the same corp, I am from a combat arm and most of my career has been spent in the field, avoiding camp as much as possible. However he has said that I am a loser as I have not reached a rank that he deems acceptable in his head!. He is a ranker and for some reason he and his wife are intent on wrecking my relationship.

So what he has been doing is getting info about me and sharing it when he gets home with his wife who is a civilian and my partner also a civilian I have nothing to hide but I do not like the fact that my information is being accessed and shared willy nilly by some bloke I have never met!.

I have told my partner to tell them that whatever he has been collecting about me is destroyed and to cease doing this delving mission he seems to think he needs to do, or else I will have to take action.

They have told her that if she continues to stay with me then they will not be able to socialise with her as much as they would like and that it will put a strain on their friendship.

As you can guess I am pretty livid about the whole affair and I cant get my head around it as I have never come across anything as strange as this nor have I heard of anyone ever being so bloody rude, it is not like I am a crap soldier I have loads of quals through the army I work hard have a few tech trades and have my share of medals and I have been an instructor in an ATR, In my private life Liam a normal bloke who loves his kids and spends as much time with my missus and mine and her kids as I possible can, I don’t even go out drinking.

So what would you do as this is getting on my tits?
If you are absolutely sure this is happening then you have no choice but to call in the RMP.
If what they have been doing is correct as you say then he is in deep kak.

Probably breaking the DPA, Computer Misuse Act et al.

It is a serious offence(s) he is committing but be prepared as you other half may not appreciate the reprecussions.

Or you could always man up and grow a pair before giving him a vist for a one to one chat.
Hi lads, thankyou for the input, I am glad that you think it is illegal HH for half the day I was thinking maybe I was going mad so thanks. I think I will try and get some evidence though before I have to take it further as they may side with him and label me a trouble maker.
As for going around there I would love to but for that moment of justice having it out with him would cost me alot and things need to stay the way they are as I have my kids to think of. But you are right aswell Gordon if I had nothing to lose I would have done.
If he is obtaining information on you that he has no authority/reason to, then he is in breach of the data protection act. I would report your suspicions to the RMP imediatley. If he is obtaining the information through IT systems then there should be some kind of audit trail that can be analyzed that will prove/disprove your suspicions. A list of those who have accessed your records can be verified to ensure those who have accessed records relating to you had the authority to do so. This will also highlight if someone else has accessed systems on his behalf. Any suspected breach of the data protection act must be thoroughly investigated especially in the current climate where government departments are being thoroughly investigated after the recent data/Laptop losses (HMRC, DVLA, MOD etc).
Unfortunately I know from my own experience, that under the DPA an individual can only be instructed to desist from accessing information. That's the court point of view, although the CoC may have a different take on things if it can be clearly shown that this happened.
I would say that if you need keep things cordial with this individual, having the RMP or CoC turn up on his doorstep is going to have a far worse effect than a quiet word.

What evidence do you have, and what redress do you seek? If you have some form of documentary evidence such as e mails which indicate what he has been up to, and all you want to do is get him to stop, then a private word may well have the effect you desire. If you really don't want to have any contact with him, then you are going to need to go to the appropriate authority if you want action taken. I would strongly recommend speaking to your CoC before going to the RMP. Whoever you speak to is going to ask you for evidence, so you need to think about how you can get your hands on something that demonstrates his unauthorised access to your personal records. There is a big difference between slagging someone off, and committing an offence under the DPA.

Or maybe your fiancee could ask this individual to stop what he is doing on the basis that he is wasting his time?

Finally you say that the individual concerned is a 'ranker' but you use 'Officer' in the thread title, which is it?
Also what information do you think he/she has access to? Unless he is your direct chain of command he will not have access to your P File (held by unit in hard copy) and certainly no access to JPA - not that much is on there anyway.

Med files are secure in the med centre, same with dental.

So what do you think a person is "leaking"?

There's more than a few error's in terminology and inconsistencies in the story so far.
/sensible response

I can see whay any person would only want the best for their kids, but this guy obviously isn't very bright if he hasn't realised that his behaviour is just going to drive his daughter away. My first thoughts are that I would talk carefully to your fiancee, make certain that she knows about her dad's behaviour and is supporting you. After all, it is her family we are talking about here, she knows them the best.

Perhaps it may be more appropriate for her to talk to her dad initially, challenge him and ask him what exactly he has got against you or whether he hates her so much that he wants to see her unhappy? That might make him think a bit about what he's doing.

Next stage (give her a few days to talk to him) then raise the issue of him having a bit of a nose around your P file (chances are, that's what he's been looking at). You could say something to your fiancee along the lines of "I don't like this, and other people have become aware of it and are asking why he is accessing restricted personnel material (It is) for his own purposes. If we don't get him top stop this, then next move is going to be the RMP" Hopefully that will drive her to have another "daddy-daughter" chat.

If that doesn't work, tell him face to face that you understand how much he loves his daughter, but he surely it isn't right that he is allowing his own insecurity to threaten his daughter's happiness. Tell him he has to accept that you also love her, and would he rather see her living a life of hell with an officer to suit his own snobbishness or a life of bliss with a squaddie she is in love with. And if he carries on as he has done, then you may have to refer to it in a letter which will have to be copied to the CO, possibly even the RMP

And if the two attempts through your fiancee and your own (very polite) confrontation all fail, that is exactly what you must do

/sensible response ends

Alternatively, take a poke at his missus. Might as well go out with a bang as a whimper.
pyro, you may wish to re read the originators thread. I dont think its the blokes fiancees daddy. Just her mates other half.

Please tell me you dont work for social services? 8O
Thanks TLF, I fecked that one up good and proper.

It's still down to this bloke's fiancee to sort out, not him. If she can't sort it and back him up, then he should have a word himself. If they can't hack it, then escalate it and enjoy what happens to people who nose around in things they shouldn't.

Personally, I would start to think twice about marrying a woman who valued her friend's opinions above mine or didn't stand up for me.

No, not social services mate, more like anti-social services (check profile, then you'll understand the nick and the reference to my being behind the light)
RTFQ, pyro, ;)

I think the bloke should just bubble the tosser to the rossers and tell them he touches kids in inappropriate places (Flashy points to rude part on doll).
LISpace said:
Finally you say that the individual concerned is a 'ranker' but you use 'Officer' in the thread title, which is it?
Thankyou for all your advice it is much appreciated I will find out next weekend if there has been anymore activity. As for the use of "ranker" where I come from it is a term used to describe an officer who has gone through the ranks from private, It was just to let you know that he had been a junior rank himself once and has been in my shoes if you catch my drift.

And Papa_Lazarou thankyou for your input but I dont really need my post red penned, I was only after advice mate.
As Papa asks, what sort of information do you think he has access to? You say he is not in the same Corps but is he part of the same unit and CoC or not?

If he wasnt in your unit, his access to personal information about you would be extremely difficult unless he has a mate at Records and even then he would be sticking his neck out.

Are you confusing his access to personal information with his access to gossip which is well known around your unit or that you have told your woman?

Could your woman be making it up to get you to change your ways? (It wouldnt be the first time....snakes with tits mate, snakes with tits!)

I would be interested to know your answers to the above.
Hi again, He is not in anyway connected to my unit, and as I do not need to use any of my units or the army information assets I really dont know how limited a users access is. So if what you think is true then maybe he is just saying these things, although it is still a bit odd. I really don't think it is her as she isn't happy that her friends are rocking the boat and has apologised for what has been said, she said that he first started snooping when he heard what I did in the army and said to her i was lying as he had never heard of the role and then came back to her and said yes he is right but he still isnt good enough for you etc. Maybe he is ringing for gossip but there wont be anything worth writing home for, and all he will get off any records will be normal legit stuff but it is the thought that my info could be lost if it is on a hard copy and with things the way they are I really dont want anything with names and addresses of my family being linked to me whilst im in the army. I am going to confront him and tell him to stop then this will be all sorted. Again thank you for the heads up.


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TBH feller, the only reason why this bloke will have info to go on about your suitability for your fiancee is from HER. Why would he say you aren't good enough for her, unless he either knows you very well, or she's been b!tching in his earhole about what a tw@lleck you are.

He's got this impression from someone - and I doubt very much it's from your oppos. Unless of course, he's got the hots for your missus, in which case, a quiet chat with a blunt object should do the job.

First step is to find out why he would think you are bad news, and where from - then you can deal with the issue.
Show some balls and dig the cnut up FFS! Go round his place this weekend, ask him what the fcuk he's playing at, if he starts to pull rank, tw@t the cnut.

Sounds to me like he wants a pork at your missus to be honest.
From your updates it seems that there is no evidence that he has been digging into your records. It is more likely that, if anything, he has just been using general info and his own knowledge to form a picture from what he knows about your rank, trade etc. It's not unusual for family/friends of family who are serving to try and find out about boyfriends/fiancees who are also serving. This may not be a pleasant thing to do, but it does happen.

When you speak to him, be polite and don't accuse him of anything - remember you have no evidence, only what has been repeated to you. I'm not accusing your fiancee of lying, but sometimes things can get lost in translation. Simply introduce yourself and say that since he is a friend of your fiancee's, and also serving, you felt that meeting up would be a good idea. Wait to see what he says. If he has been slagging you off he will either front you up, which gives you a chance to answer his 'concerns', or he'll quickly stop. Job done.

If you confront him with accusations that you can't back up, he'll almost certainly shit on you from a great height. As an ex ranker he's likely to make a good job of it as well. I would therefore recommend that you avoid this approach.
Keep a diary of events, if you haven't got evidence, then you have got anything. In a few months put a quiet shot across his bows. If you get no joy, then keep on gathering evidence and then give him the ultimatum.

Bear in mind that as soon as you search for witnesses, everyone will act as if they have never seen you before in their lives. Fear of later reprisals if it does not go your way.

If all of this fails and you are at the end of your tether, then get the RMP involved. They can have a word with him and hopefully he will take the hint and steer clear from both of you. Don't use any physical means, he will have you over a barrel.

I have to agree with some of the other comments, he probably has a sweet spot for your partner.
Not wanting to cast aspersions on your partner, but, I don't know, somethings not right.

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