Officer joining physical training corps

Discussion in 'Officers' started by harietcress, Apr 1, 2010.

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  1. Hello,
    I was just wondering if officers can join the physical training corps.

    Thanks for your time,
  2. And thereby double the hate?
  3. Not as a DE. I assume that you can through the LE route.

  4. They tried it once apparently, and sent two Sgts to do the DE route. But because of the PT corps size, the highest rank is Lt Col, so these DE fellas would be looking at promotion in their mid-30s where as the PT corps won't promote you to Lt Col until 50 or so. So I'm told anyway.

    So, as a result, all PT Corps officers are LEs.
  5. The highest rank in all Regiments and Corps is Lt Col so that one doesn't fly... and there have been/are LE Cols.

    How long ago was this? It would appear odd that 2 x APTC Sgts attempted the CC as the junior rank in the APTC is Sgt and those two chaps would have only just "joined" - it seems a lot of faith to have been placed in these two. It would also have been very odd to send them on the CC to join the APTC without the opportunities to go to different corps or regiments in line with everyone else on the course.
  6. The current CO is under 50 & he's Ex Para Regt! :D
  7. Needless to say I've no personal experience of these matter, but I'm fairly certain I've read in all the careers bumph floating around that the APTC is only something you can transfer into after a given period of service, in the same way a soldier cannot directly join as a PTI (as far as I'm aware).
  8. DE officers can't transfer into the APTC, if that is what you are suggesting.
  9. Clearly misread something then. Purely out of curiosity, how come? I'd have assumed the APTC would require the same staffing structure as the rest of the Army.
  10. The highest rank in my Corps is a General, although I do not think he is an LE
  11. The APTC does not have the same structure as the majority of the rest of the Army's Corps and Regiments. The APTC is responsible for physical fitness and education. The requirement to be a PTI means that they will tend to specialise to the point that it is difficult to return to a mainstream.

    APTC soldiers can commission into the APTC (or elsewhere) and serve as LEs. They fulfill roles in PT policy and trg policy on the staff, unless thay are suitable for branching out, which tends to be unusual as they have a large E1 liability in relation to their commissioned numbers.
  12. Thanks for the clarification, learn something new...
  13. Used to be the case that only the RAF commissioned officers directly into the physical training branch; they had to be qualified PE teachers.

    Don't know if this is still so...
  14. To be honest, I don't know. Just rumour I've picked up from the LEs I've worked with. And you're right in what you say, I don't even know if they went PT Corps or elsewhere.
  15. with the somewhat unfortunate abbreviation PEdO ...