Officer jobs in the Rifles

I am going to sandhurst next year and have started to think about different possible regiments. i'm already sponsored by 1 Bn RGR but want to get a good look around before getting to settled on one.

I would like to look at the Rifles and am in the process of organising a fam visit. My only concern is officer jobs in these newer, much larger regiments. After Plt Commander am i more likely to get more office based work (RSO etc) in the Rifles than i would if i were in a smaller inf reg? or are the odds the same?
thanks in adv for the help

The percentage of jobs per rank will remain the same for small or large regiments.

The Rifles, however, have a unique variety of opportunities given the uniquely wide range of roles with the regiment; from Commando to Armoured via Mech and light role infantry.

Best of luck.

Don't worry

A Pl Comd's role will remain as hands on and active as it ever was, in large or small Regiments. Your job progression within either construct will be the same but remember the large Regiments are but many small Bns. If anything the "large" Regiment give you more options as you progress up the specialist pl route simply because there are more slots that you will have the option of competing for.

PS The Rifles are a good place to be. But then, I am a little prejudiced :D
Thanks for the replies. I thought that would be the case. better to ask a bone question on here rather than on the day. Thanks again for your help.

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