Officer Jobs in Tank Regiments

Discussion in 'RAC' started by Sir Oracle, Nov 23, 2012.

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  1. Hi there,

    Cavalry regiments seem to be full of different jobs, e.g. driver, tank crewman, gunner etc. I was just wondering, what happens when one gets a commission into an armoured regiment? Must the new officer choose a specific job to do regarding the tank, or do officers generally have a specific role?

    tl;dr: what do officers, in general, do in an armoured regiment?
  2. Ravers

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  3. Command is the traditional role for an Officer.
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  4. Pretty sure he would be the Troop Leader not commander.

    RAC officers always lead. It stems from the days when mounted the officer would be one horse length in front of his men during a charge.

    Standing by for loads of anti officer comments.
  5. Yes my bad. Modern war has changed the tactics but the terminology remains the same. A 2Lt/Lt in an RAC regt is referred to as a Tp Leader.
  6. As the the Tp Ldr you should be the font of tactical knowledge backed by the wise experience of the tp sgt. Plus you should get all the shit jobs like sitting in a mounted OP while the 3 bar tosses it off in the rear

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  7. As a young Troopy, you'll be expected to learn your way around the vehicles on the park with the lads. Most Troop Leaders do this by spending copious amounts of time pumping up the tracks with the wing mirror arms.
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  8. Ravers

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    In a similar vein, I once witnessed a group of junior RN officers attempting to jump start a Gazelle by manually spinning the rotors round and round.

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  9. Ravers

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  10. Another favourite of mine is to make thick loggies, push trailer mounted generators up and down the park, in order to bump start them.
  11. Everyone knows that the turret pump is spring mounted on the rear left of a CVR(T) and that you have to traverse 13 and a half times anti clockwise before a turret lift.