Officer is it right for me?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by Barlow_93, Aug 19, 2011.

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  1. I’m in a bit of a confused state and any help would be greatly appreciated. I have wanted to join the army from a young age and the older I got I pretty much became the only thing I wanted to do. Parents weren't happy about the idea and have tried to push me down the route of officer and I am now confused if it would be right for me. I got my A-level results yesterday Two C’s and a D, I hated college and it was a real fight to stay motivated to finish it, but then again I hated doing my GCSE’s, not the best by any means but I got what is need for the entry requirements for RMAS. I have done the AOSB briefing and got a CAT 1, I am not worried about not meeting the standards required, what will be will be if I’m not right for the job then that life. The more and more I look in to what my role as an officer would be it starts to sound more and more boring. I was hoping to join as an infantry officer (would ideally like to see some action and actually fight) but I am now unsure if the job would live up to my expectations. From what I have been told from serving personnel and what the ACA (army careers advisor) has said I think personally I would prefer to take the solider route as I would prefer to do what an infantry solider does.

    Basically I would rather be fighting rather than organising the fight. Would joining as a solider give me what I wanted or have I got the wrong idea of what I would be doing as a officer?
  2. You couldn't be an officer. And if you would rather be 'fighting', then don't bother - who the **** do you think fights alongside groups of soldiers?.
    The results you have are shit. A decent degree is needed in all honesty, and if you want to justify your mediocrity by imagining that it would be more boring as an officer then do so.
    You are an idiot.
  3. Starting this type of thread, at this time of the morning, is moronic at best.
  4. You've made the right decision. Basically all the officer does is shout "Reload", "Present", "Fire" and and wave his sword about. If you want to perform 'stirrin' deeds wot won the Empire, you've got to go in with the bayonet. They don't like it up 'em.
  5. Thanks for the helpful replies.... I'm well aware my results are crap but last time I checked you weren't judged solely on your academic performance, it's your ability to lead, just because I'm not the most academically gifted person doesn't mean I wouldn't make a good officer. I'm also well aware that officers fight along side soldiers how else would they do their job? The question wasn't relating to that, what I was trying to find out was how involved they actualy are? I'm not saying that it is strictly more boring as an officer but from my point of view it seems it can be become very boring in certain situations but then again you could say the same about all everything.
  6. Go on an aquaint visit with your local Regt. That should give you a good idea how you'd fit into Bn life.
  7. You have done your briefing and you dont know what an Officer does?
  8. I'd suggest that you ask to go along to your chosen regiment for a Potential Officer visit (really you should probably do this before you go to the AOSB Main Board anyway). The visit will give you (and the regiment) a better idea of whether you should be considering being an officer or not.

    As alluded to above, while a degree is not strictly required to be an officer (although at present the vast majority of Sandhurst entrantsdo have one or more degrees), you must be intellectually and academically capable of getting one. If you are not at least capable of getting into a decent(ish) university to read a decent(ish) degree subject, then you almost certainly lack the required intellectual capacity to be an officer (this is regardless of whether you actually decide to go to university or not).

    FORMER_FYRDMAN LE Book Reviewer

    You come across as terminally wet - to answer your question; no it isn't, join the RAF.
  10. CJM

    CJM Old-Salt

    Not that I'm contesting this, but with the minimum grades the army requires you'd struggle to get into ANY university.
  11. H3

    H3 LE

    You Sir will FAIL ...... your post describes you as an Under achiever at the moment but with maturity you could turn that around , I'm not convinced it's for you !

    Where's you determination in what you've achieved so far , you'd need to study in any career no matter what these days if you'd like to get on , I think you may need some growing up and a re-think .... try your local TA as a start so you can get a feel for that style of life .
  12. Well Barlow, one thing you can be assured of on Arrse are frank and a times brutal opinions and advice (Bit harsh though Binky. Go and have a word with the Padre will you? Theres a good chap.) If you think that life as an infantry officer looks a bit borin, you obviously weren't listening at the briefing - nor, I suggest have you either asked for, or been given, good advice. I have to tell you that to become an officer, of any flavour, in any of the Armed Forces (Yes, oh doubters amongst you, even the RAF.) you have got to really want it, not think it might be boring..... If you can't get fire in your guts to get there, then please don't even start on the trip. The same, incidently, applies to enlisting. You can walk in off the street out of curiosity but once you get into it, you have to want to be there - both for your own sake but equally for those around you who will have to rely upon you. If you can't get hot about soldiering, then just don't soldier.
  13. And that is why you need to exceed them by quite a way to have a realistic chance of success.
  14. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    By his own admission, his grades are not what he wanted. They are however, enough to get him to RMAS. He has a CAT1 pass from AOSB.

    He wants to know whether he should soldier as an OR or do it with cloth on his shoulder rather than his upper arm.

    That in all honesty should be between him and his Regimental Colonel, and shouldn't come from a mouthy twunt who probably hasn't seen the outside of his governesses skirts.

    I bet you don't know which bits you're supposed to kiss either.
  15. You are an utter ****