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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by Gobby, Jun 4, 2008.

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  1. Hi,

    I will be going on an officer insight course at Blandford Camp, Jul 28th-Aug 1st 2008.

    I was wondering if any else will be attending and whether anyone has attended an officer insight course before and could offer some tips.

  2. Been on loads when I was younger (warminster one was great, try and get in on that!). They are always a good laugh. Basically be yourself (they dont want a finished product) and speak up but dont be loud or obnoxious.

    Other than that just take them as they come and dont embarass yourself.
    On an insight course in Scotland I met a girl there who "hooked up" with one of the lads (lucky bar steward), she got found out and it was held against her (he on the other hand was hailed as a legend).

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  3. Is warminster the RA?
  4. RA?

    It was the infantry officers look at life (because it is the land warfare centre). you got to handle a bunch of captured weapons (soviet stuff, AK's, Dragunovs etc), check the weapons museum (fantastic) and bomb round in a bunch of warriors (I felt like Rommel in the command turret).

    Also got to talk to a bunch of serving officers and soldiers as well as some lads froma sniper platoon. It was a good few days.
  5. I attended one last year at ATR Winchester, best week of my life! Met such a good range of people that I still keep in touch with today. As said be yourself, dont be loud but dont be to quiet. I guarentee you will be sad to come back home! The insight course is great at giving a overall view of the army, everyone who went certaintly expressed intertest about going to Sandhurst. If you want anymore infomation then PM me.

    Good luck but most of all have fun!

  6. I attended one at Colchester Barracks in July 07. It was jointly run by the Royal Anglians and Parachute Regiment, as ARMY_MAD has said, it was one of the best weeks of my life, truly awesome!

    I am booked onto another course in July at Grantham, does anyone know what Regiments are based there? I had a bit of a google and found a few sentences about a TA base........ surely it has regulars?!!?

  7. Thanks for the reply

  8. Can you go on these courses when you're still at school, (6th Form) ??
  9. yes santa spud (some even before then)
  10. I'm going on an officer insight course at Grantham, 7th-11th of July this year.
    Anyone else going on this one?
  11. IIRC its an RLC camp. Deals mainly with training AFAIK
  12. Was there recently. good laugh. nice kit and the officers and soldiers are bang on. do your best in the command tasks, good practice for main board. go all out on the log race and in the circuit training dont bloody quit no matter how tempting it may be. oh and you have to talk for 2mins on something from your cv. make sure you haven't told any whoppers!

  13. SoldierZ,

    I tried to send you a PM last night however it is still sat in my outbox and doesn't look like it will send any time soon.

    Anyway, the gist of it was if you PM me an e-mail address I will forward you the two Plan Ex's i have.

    Edited to add, before you ask neither of them is Winter Aid!!!
  14. Summerscales, I have sent you a PM
  15. Hi all,

    Thanks for all the replies - really helpful advice.

    Just one quick query though, on my timetable I'm scheduled an interview - does this mean that I should take my CV etc. and possibly wear a suit or equivalent. I'm just asking because I've not got any details on what the interview will involve.