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Im going on the Army Officer Insight course on the 7-11th July. Is any1 else going on it who is 15? The letter says its for year 11 to year 13's but im only in year 10. Dunno if this happened 2 any1 else?
PeterM88 said:
1) Why have you posted the same post twice, once is sufficient. Have you tried searching for a similar topic?
2) Why have you posted in the Juniors forum?
3) No I am not going, but I bet it would be quite interesting. :)

Don't want to sound like I'm getting at you, but as you've just joined, thought I would give you some warnings, others might not be so kind! :p


Jesus, the guy asks a seemingly simple and straight forward question and you answer him like an ass. He wants to join the Army, so for god's sake be supportive.

Summerscales, I shouldn't worry about it too much. I attended something similar when I was looking at joining the Army as an Officer at around 15/16.
Answer him like an ass? I thought I was quite polite. Some newcomers get a lot of uneeded 'grief' for multiple postings, or posting on the wrong board without searching for threads before hand, I was just giving some adivce on how and where to post.

Hardly think that is answering like an ass. Just making sure his time on arrse is a nice one.

Where was I unsupportive? I said that the Officer Insight Course should be interesting, implying that he should go ahead, crack on and enjoy himself on it. Anway, enough of this pointless arguing... :roll:

Summerscales I do appologize for answering like an ass, ignore the advice if you want, but good luck with the Officer Insight Course, like I said, it should be interesting.



I went on this course this year in March, up in Scotland. Im not sure if your'e going to the same place which we went, (Garelochhead training camp) near the Trident Naval Base.

As far as age was concerned Im 18 and there was only one other 18 year old there, the rest were aged between 15 - 17, around about 30 of us in total. So theres no problem there for yourself. Absolutely fantastic trip, made a load of good mates. You get up to alot of fun stuff, and pick up a s*it load of useful info.

Any other questions u got, give us a shout.

Enjoy It,

You're going to have to be more specific, if there are particular questions you want answered about the week long trip.

But in general; this Potential Officer course is used to familiarise young men and women ranging between ages of 16 - 18 of possible careers within the British Army. The week is made up of many tasks and activities that shed a light on what you can expect from life in the army as an officer and what you can expect from the AOSB (selection). Throughout the visit you will have chances to ask any questions you want.

During the week you are assessed on your suitability by being graded within team based activities, very much similar to those that you will face on your actual selection day, should you choose to follow this route. You will be placed in a syndicate of 8 people with a young officer in charge of your group also assisted by an NCO.

Activites you can expect; Command Tasks, Rock/Indoor Wall Climbing (depending on weather), Assault Course, One night and day spent out on a demonstration exercise, lots of early morning PT 8) , personal CV and lecturettes, planning exercises, preparation for AOSB interviews.

This is a just a small sample of what you get up to, and I can't say for certain this is what you do If you are booked onto PIOFV as I know there are different types of these trips held all over the UK, mine was in Scotland, and you could find yourself further south. But you get the general jist of what is going on.

See if this helps, If you have other questions, just leave them here.
I will be on the Officer Course (7th - 11th July), so I will see you there.

I went on one last year with the Parachute Regiment at Colchester, it was amazing, we stayed in the Officer's Mess, and did some pretty awesome things!!

Im Jamie by the way, see you on the 7th!!
SantaSpud said:
Are there any fitness requirements to go on this course or do you just ask to go
No, unless your well fat and don't want to look like a tit coming in last all the time, then get running a little bit before hand.

And I don't think there is a specific MOD or Army based webpage on this week long course, however there are web pages of regimental insight courses.

Im booked on the course for the 7-11 course in Bramcote , though I would mention that as you some of you are saying you are going but there is also one on in Portsmouth that day and one in Scotland.
Any one going to Bramcote?
paratus said:
chetwynd999 said:
paratus said:
chetwynd999 said:
any one know anything about the school boy commando course?
5 minutes with google gave me this ......

it seems it's for potential officers is the RA
Thnak you , atleast i can get some serious answers
Well, i'd have thought that as a 'potential officer' you could have found that yourself!!!!!!!!
thats what privates are for! , no im joking thanks for finding that
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