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Sorry guys if I am missing something massively obvious, and if I am then I probably shouldn't be considering a career in military intelligence, so feel free to tell me if I am being stupid, but could someone give me an overview of what an officer would typically do within the corps? For example would they be in the field much, or inside analysing things? I understand that there are probably many aspects that you may not be able to tell me about, it being intelligence and all ;) Thanks in advance :)


No, no idea.
Typically your day would be thus,

Monday, Get up, breakfast, find your troops/notebook/task/car/washing. Lunch, wonder where your troops/notebook/task/car/washing are. A little afternoon chat with your fellow Officers followed by asking your SNCO where your troops/notebook/task/car/washing are. Typically this task is prefaced with "hello, do you know where Sgt-S/Sgt-WO11 is?" All too soon it's evening so retire to the mess, another day in the pay of HMQ excellently achieved.

Tuesday, see above.
I believe you are all forgetting the other important aspect of a Junior Officer's day which is getting coffee to merge into lunch. I was once something of an expert myself, you need to be positioned so you can't be seen by the idle passer by but also have a piece of work nearby that you can pick up when the adjt, CO, PMC pokes their head around the door... ahh those great days before everyone started getting depressingly professional.
...and on the first day of the second week remove the picture of yourself that you've used as an avatar on ARRSE.

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