Officer in the Army Air Corps (AAC)

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by bitrock, Feb 4, 2008.

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  1. Hi, I am a 17 year old student just finishing my A-levels and I was wondering if I was being realistic in thinking I can get into the AAC as an officer and hopefully a pilot directly after 6th form.

    In my GCSE's I got A,A,B,B,B,B,B,B,B,C and I am hoping for A,B,C in my A-levels (I know academics aren’t everything by the way)

    I am going to Ghana, Africa to work as a volunteer in September for around 2 months to work with and teach the children who can't afford schooling some of the basic skills they will need in adult life. I am doing this for a variety of reasons but hopefully the experience will also help me with the leadership and teamwork skills which are essential for any Armed Forces Officer.

    Basically, do you think I will have a chance of getting in as a Pilot or am I just dreaming?

    Oh, I have no medical issues to my knowledge.

    Cheers, Mike.
  2. Hi,

    Im currently waiting for my first interview , I've applied to be an Army Air Corps Soilder.

    I THINK after your Officer training you would be able to go straight into Pilot training. But don't be fooled into joining the AAC if you think its the only way to be an Army Pilot as you can decide to train for it from any regiment or corps, however you have a better chance of being accepted for it in the AAC (or so I've been told :p )

    Anyway Good luck for going to Africa and stuff, hope you enjoy it. And keep us updated if you decide to join after all :D
  3. Thanks pal. Good luck with your interview, make sure you revise!
  4. Thing to remember though...your flying career last about 5 years average!

    bearing in mind that the course will be 3 years until combat ready, you may get in one Operational tour (to the obvious sand pit).

    After the 5 years, it's flying a desk
  5. From my experience, any soldier regardless of Regiment or Corps who fits the criteria has a very good chance of attempting (if not passing :x ) the selection process.

    Indeed some cynical people may say junior ranks in the AAC find it harder to become pilots once they start down the groundie/rearcrew paths 8O
  6. Im not too bother about becoming a Pilot in the AAC im going because i would like to become a doorgunner, but if the oppertunity should arise im sure i would consider it.