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Discussion in 'Sappers' started by panda_pops, Mar 6, 2006.

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  1. Thinking of becoming an RE officer, have done the fam visit and am now sponsored by the RE, however this visit was so long ago I can't really remember much. So a few quick questions, 1) Are there many female RE officers (and is there a good attitude towards them), 2) Do we do trades of just some sort of troop commanders course, 3) will my mechanical engineering degree be much use, and lastly 4) Do you really spend over half your life on ops?Thanks in advance.
  2. 1) several (no idea to exact figures) and mixed (depending on the person)
    2) Clarify this please, if you mean will you be expected to be a bricky etc then no
    3) Very probably yes, but it isn't the be all and end all.
    4) If you're lucky yes, if not then maybe a bit more.
  3. in ref. to your questions:

    1) how are you defining female? about as good an attitude as there is to the men.
    2) only if mucking up lads careers is a trade.
    3) perhaps but a zooilogiacal degree is far more useful within the corps.
    4) no, we also go on exercise as well.

    in all seriousness you'll be fine.

    good luck.
  4. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    Not wanting to belittle the excellent contributions above, a more considered answer to your questions;

    1) Yes. There are currently 73 female officers in the Corps. The majority are captains and subalterns. The attitude towards them is no different to any other officer. You are what you are, and earn respect through having a sensible attitude to those under your command.

    2) RE officers do not do artisan trade courses. After Sandhurst you complete a troop commanders course covering combat and construction engineering.

    3) Yes. An engineering degree of any sort is an advantage. However at about 6 - 8 years after commissioning you can opt to become a chartered engineer.

    4) It is a possibility.

    For more detail you should get in touch with the E in C Recruiting Liaison staff:

  5. Im curious as to this ops question. I also did my fam vis some time ago but dont remember what they said about operations. Im going in as a non grad and hopefully will be joining RE so will get longer as a subbie, but how much time normaly (if there ever is a normal) is spent on ops? (ie months on/off)
  6. Phoenix

    If you are worried about the ops don't ,as a subbie you have no time of your own anyway, you belong to Oscar and you will be too busy to care where you are for a while
  7. lol wasn't worried. One major reason don't want to be a grad is so get more time as a subbie doing that kinda stuff. At least i know i won't have time on my own to contemplate whatever that may actually be :wink:
  8. hmmm machanical engineering maybe..... and this is just a thought..... you might want to join the REME???

    as for female officers we had an adjt and an ops (should really be OPPS) officer both female and everyone got on well and had a lot of respect for the Adjt (even though she had a moustashe) everyone hated the Opps officer, generally because she wouldn't listen to reason (like most women, lol) and she never done any work!! but I hated her because she pulled rank and kicked me off my nice warm loovres on exercise once, and she claim solihull wasn't part of birmingham!!!
  9. 13_EA_72 wrote

    surely that's a really good thing :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  10. Yeah - a good thing for Brum! W*nkers begin east of Washwood Heath :D
  11. Yaouw allroight me skip oo miskin ya doen todsoy.
  12. Thought about the reme but not entirely sure (if fact 100% sure) that it is not how i want to spend my early 20s, reckoned that RE would suit me more as well!!
  13. hmmm well you might ask to be attached to a RE regt as the wksps.

    you are more likely to go on tour and travel the world if you are Reme I would imagine because you can attach your self anywhere!

    not that I don't want you to join the best corps in the Army I just think that you would be more use in the Reme with a mechanical engineering degree!
  14. Well I'll bear it mind. Thanks!!