Officer Familiarisation Visit


I've just recieved a letter to attend the fam visit at short notice next week on the 6th, but the letter was pretty vague as to what the actual schedule will be.

As this visit is pretty short notice, i was wondering if any of you chaps had any information on what goes on. As the visit is looming i'd like to be forewarned as to what to expect.

I know there'll be an assault course, as well as early mornings and PT, thats taken for granted, but can i expect a BPFA as well?

Cheers in advance

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Don't you mean PFT ?

Anyway doubt it, you have phys on the timetable, that's enough to get going, rest of the time you'll be drinking i the mess and looking a hulking great bits of metal with a WO2 affectionately rubbing it with a tear in their eye
Well as the old saying goes, familiarization breeds context...
Glad you are coming to see what the Royal Regiment has to offer. There is a pretty full programme incorporating all aspects of life as a Gunner officer - social as well as professional. I'm sure you will enjoy it. For your peace of mind there is no PFT, although we can always facilitate requests!

Attached is a sample programme in case you didn't get one...

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I'll try to avoid getting piddled and trying to play rugby with the mess silver then.

Most other regts didn't react so well either. :sweatdrop: