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Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by RJM1987, Mar 6, 2012.

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  1. Is there a diffrence between OR and Officers FAD other then the Pockets ?
  2. Probably about 500 quid a set.
  3. No, there isn't.
  4. How many Officer's will wear it? And how will the Regimental Tailors (Thiefs and Sharks etc.) survive?

    Will there be Highland FAD, Lowland FAD, Rifles FAD, HD FAD, Cavalry, coloured trousers FAD and any more I may have missed?
  5. Caecilius

    Caecilius LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Yes. The point of FAD (now SD) was to make the army more uniform and thereby save money. To that end, they have permitted different button spacing for the Guards, funny trousers for the cavalry, black buttons for the Rifles, kilts for the Scots and different headdress and lanyard rules for each Regiment.
  6. Mess dress and blues. Also, most of them are well established civvy tailors, so it's not as though they're going to disappear overnight.

  7. Difficult to see how it will save money but then I do not work in MOD. And what is wrong with the current N0. 2's

    This was tried by FM Carver in the Sixties, it was not a great success, very quickly Regiments started to wear what they wanted to look like rather than the standard uniform. It will be interesting (although not very) to see how it goes this time.
  8. I think the main saving comes from not paying every newly minted subbie £4000 to get his kit made up.
  9. But still paying for Mess Kit and all the other bits? Most officer's found that the amount granted only covered the very basics anyway, especially (and I know they got an extra grant) if you were in a Highland Regiment, Badgers Head Sporrans are not cheap!! My grant in RTR was 1,200 back in the 80's, covered the basics but still needed to put in a few hundred to be properly dressed and we did not need to buy a range of hats!!
  10. I don't know what the current situation is, but I'd imagine the allowance will have been reduced to take the new uniform into account, if not binned altogether. Then again, it might just be a "Good Idea" for some SO1/SO2's OBE...
  11. I was shortchanged £2000. Where do you get £4000 from?
  12. Complete waste of money - someones' egalitarian wet dream come true. Most decent regiments will still wear their "individual" flavour of barrack dress ( multi coloured jerseys etc), so FAD will probably only be worn by those that are new or too tight to see a decent tailor. Maybe some will wear it in places like HQLF ( you get a second pair of trousers and some hideous short sleeved shirts for that purpose), but it is probably not practical for everyday use as it is such poor quality - it creases if the room temperature changes, like a very, very poor quality Burton suit, so it will please the signals.

    Mine is in the loft, mostly unpacked, where it has been for the past two years and I intend it to stay there. It is shite. I imagine that forward thinking tailors will offer the same looking material, but better quality so you don't have to spend a fortune on dry cleaners. ( it is based on Guards barathea IIRC, but the Army decided to go with a cheap and nasty lookalike fabric). I imagine the decent regiments will put pressure on YOs to get a "decent set" made up properly, leaving everyone else looking chippy and the lads cursing it.

    Can't remark on how it wears as only worn it at the Garrison tailors for fitting, but we did have fun seeing how easily it creased - great ceremonial uniform, as long as you don't actually move.

    Each set still has to be individually fitted at public cost, so one wonders what the true cost savings are.

    At least we don't have the RAF equivalent - they look like coach drivers with their chippy short jackets.

    Ohhh.... the Grand Old Duke of York, he had ten thousand men ..........
  13. The primary difference is in the style with which it is worn.

    I would forsee the following argument deployed by bean counters.

    Mess Kit - not publicly funded - no grant
    SD/No2 - FAD - No grant other than for hats and specific regiments that require fancy acoutrements
    No1 Dress /Blues - Not routinely required, no grant unless individually authorised for specific requirements

    In other words, for the majority of officers, a small grant to cover 2 x hats.
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  14. Yep - exactly as the Aussies did 20 years ago - they binned No1s except for key appointments, issued a chippy SD at public expense and Mess Kit is private purchase.

    As I have said on another forum, if you want to see our future - look at the Aussie Defence Force - "on ya Cobber".
  15. A2_Matelot

    A2_Matelot LE Book Reviewer

    Don't think I'd mind too much if we went that way; plans to invest $20bn over 10 years in key equipments, recruiting en-masse, a decent grasp of when to buy COTS/GOTS/MOTS and when to custom build.

    However, ridiculous uniforms for those at sea (MTP romper suits) brings it all crashing to a halt - I'd even prefer tropical whites (-ve bush jacket of course)