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Discussion in 'Officers' started by simpleton7890, Sep 10, 2009.

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  1. Hello,

    I have tried looking for similar subjects, however thought I would post a fresh considering my circumstances.

    I am aware that you need 2 ALevels to be considered as an academic prerequisite.

    I studied at 6th form and came out with 2 AS Levels at D and D. As well as one full A Level at grade E. This isn't great, its not good news. I didnt take it seriously and whilst not regretting the fun and life experiences that those 2 years brought me, I wish i got some serious results.

    Anway, as it stands I have 130 UCAS points and I understand that as a minimum to be considered i should be looking at 180.

    In light of this I have enrolled for 2 more AS Levels this year. Presuming I get 2 C's, this would knock me up another 80 points. (I could do better but I'm not getting ahead of myself).

    My total would stand now at 210 UCAS points (4 AS Levels and 1 A Level).

    Finally, my questions:

    * Will this do?
    * Would I need another actual full A Level, or will satisfying the points requirement do?
    * I will go ahead with trying to get my commission anyway, should this even mean another 2 years studying. In this time, what else should I be looking at doing, courses taking, that would contirbute to my application to put me up there with the graduates at selection?

    If there are any recruiters out there, anyone who has recently gone through the process or even ANYONE that knows the answers or indeed has bothered to read all this......your help is very much appreciated!!

    If I am too far gone and hold a hopeless application I will sign up as other ranks.

    Thanks guys
  2. Have you tried speaking to your local AFCO or to these people: This is such a detailed question that you are going to need somebody with access to the correct & current rulebook to sort it out.

    As a matter of principle, jocks are accepted with Highers, so it doesn't all need to be "A levels".
  3. Thanks pal.

    I have spoke to my AFCO several times about different issues, but none so much as this particular query.

    I will head down tomorow, after i blag my way into another 6th Form as a late entrant!

    Just thought I would come on here as a heads up.

  4. Try the online people - they may be able to get back to you with the answer faster.

    I got in with one A level. Mind you, I had 6 Highers as well (and it was back in simpler times).
  5. Yeah, Im trying with the online thing, but its restricted to 128 characters maximum! Ive written in the simplest terms and still havent really asked my question. I will persevere but as i said, I will head down AFCO tomorow.

    Just as further info to my opening post, I am still only 19, however It will be 4 years since i left school by the time I have gained these 2 more ASs.

    I feel like I am wasting my life, but then take a step back and realise I am still young.

  6. Just spoke to an online recruiter. (nice one Idrach)

    He advised as long as i meet the UCAS points requirement, My AS grades will count as full A Level EQUIVALENCY.

    If anyone disputes this or can add to it, please advise!!

  7. check your pms....
  8. Cheers Scaly.
  9. Just another idea...

    I grabbed 2 a-levels last minute on a 1 year intensive course leaving at the end of a year with both 2 a-levels at B grade. I'm no academic but found the course rather easy, this was simply to get me in to the factory!
    Consider a normal course consists of 4 full a-levels in 2 years so it stands to reason that 2 in 1 year is just as achievable.

  10. Try the Regular Officer Recruiting forum. Lots of good answers there.

  11. I would also advise an intensive A level, as you would only need one at a decent grade (C or above but I imagine you'd get away with a D, look it up on the UCAS website) plus there's no danger of being told your AS is no good.

    If you can I'd advise enrolling on an evening course. A three-hour session once a week, which isn't as bad as it sounds (given the proviso you want to do it!). I did one in History during my first year at University and I've decided to do another one in English. I rang up my local college and even though the course started last week, they are more than happy for me to come along as well as being told that some courses are under-subscribed - so get cracking! If you're unemployed you may also be able to avoid having to pay tuition!
  12. Evening.

    Little point in me starting a new thread; when this is very subject, I very much wanted to enquire about.

    I am in a similiar boat to the OP, I loosely completed two A Levels in 2005, awarding me with a total of 100 UCAS points. I wanted to know was there a shelf life on these? As in, after X number of years would these points not be eligible towards my desired 180 total?

    Also currently through work; I am involved with a NVQ lvl 3, the UCAS site informs me this is worth 100 odd UCAS points on completion. Would these be eligible towards by desired 180 total? I suspect not; however it has been difficult getting a definitive answer from anyone regarding this and. I was advised to contact the Brig. responsible for education etc in my area.

    The best course of action then; is to bang out an A level or two from one of those online places?

    Thank you
  13. You don't need mega brains (re A levels) to be a good leader of men. As long as you are somewhere near the mark in terms of UCAS points then your ACA will assess whether you have the minerals to attend AOSB.

    Example: I had 170 UCAS plus a ropey degree score but got put through to Briefing after a decent interview.

    Then it's down to you to prove yourself good enough to be an Officer.
  14. Comlag check your PMs.
  15. I was also short of UCAS, bear in mind that they are also looking at life expierence and what you have done.
    Its not all about education, it is about trainability. Show to your ACA that you have the potential and Westbury will double check that, you might even end up on PRAMS to triple check it.

    At the end of the day its not your points its your potential.