Officer entry without a degree

I'm considering the possibility of not going to university and attempting to go to Sandhurst without a degree, after sixth form I think I would ski instruct for a couple of seasons (I'm already in the process of getting ski instructing qualifications). So this would leave me at the age of 20 and entering Sandhurst, I was wondering if promotion prospects were lowered if you were to enter as an officer without a degree as opposed to entering with a degree. And also, after say 5 years of being an army officer and going through the sandhurst process what job prospects would be available? Would sandhurst be equivalent to a degree?


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If you're not going to Uni, how the hell are you going to do a ski-instructors course after Uni?

Get your story straight and go to the ACIO.

Now, jog on.


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Overly aggressive for a genuine question...

Your questions have been answered in many different threads before on this or the regular officer recruiting thread. Do have a search around, you should be able to find all the answers you could want to the "is X age too young to join" "do i need a degree/what will it mean if I join as a non-grad etc". Many useful and helpful answers out there, check out the search function.

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