Officer entry with a criminal conviction

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by Weeble06, Sep 1, 2010.

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  1. Any advice would be much appreciated.
  2. Have a look at the rehabilitation of offenders act 'n see if the Military have an exception. I don't see why a distinction between Rupert & Tom status should apply here.
  3. The distinction, I think, is that Officers are SC on application - hence he will have to complete the SC forms for which there is a Rehab of Offenders Act exception. If Weeble was under 18 on conviction, his rehab period will be 2.5 years, therefore the conviction will be spent and not go on the main application form. If over 18, well, 5 years and unspent.

    I wouldn't worry about an old juvenile (in the normal rather than the strictly legal sense) conviction for SC - I had DV'd people working for me who had done time inside (okay Colchester but they kept their DV.)

    Ask your AFCO (or your TA RAO) ... I would point out that there isn't a difference here between TA and Regular commission - so if you are being actively trained for a TA Commission then the paperwork should have already been done.
  4. As said above with only one conviction and especially if you were under 18 at the time the conviction would be spent but better off speaking to the ACA1 (Officers) to confirm this and maybe take in your Police convictions record to show dates of conviction and any proof that you have completed the community service.
  5. SC - Security Clearance (both generic and, in this case, a level of clearance between Basic Check and Developed Vetting).

    Yes, I suspect applications with unspent convictions would be frowned upon (except the Kingos and the KOSB before they amalgamated, of course) - but have never been involved in recruiting at that level.

    Are you still in the TA? If so, I'd have a chat on the very q/t with somebody because this should apply equally to your selection for a TA commission.

    Edited to add: The Army doesn't have a ROOA exception for spent convictions. (My) Childish jibes about regimental reputations aside, how are the recruiting people to know? I've already said that I don't think a childish fight is likely to damage your chances of getting a security clearance - as I've known people getting in to adult fights with them, get a lot more than community service, and come straight back into their cleared roles once they got out of MCTC.