Officer Entry - Sleeve Tattoos


Baldricks Batman

You are absolutely right - you are being naive.

Rightly or wrongly, large visible tattoos bear a stigma for Officers.

Whether you get one or not is entirely your call.
For me people with visible tattoos generally fall into four categorys

1]builders 2] soldiers (not officers) 3] criminals and 4] idiots.
I'm getting my sleeve finished on the 12th of July, Celtic knotwork and Poppies.:)
Then again, I was never an Orifi...ofiri....hoccif.......Rupert.
As the Adjutant of a Tri-Service unit, there was much angst when the RAF CO noticed that one of the lady RAF officers had a 'vine' tattoo running from calf round her leg and up into the nether regions (she was fond of short shorts in the gym) reappearing at the shoulder and down her arm (but not below the elbow) and covering all bases in between, I am reliably informed by one who knew these things -and her (biblically). A quick check with her and the regulations showed that as long as they were not visible in formal uniform then there was no issue. She wore trousers/combats at work and a flesh sleeve on parade. She was one of the best officers in the unit and while her taste in body art was not really my thing, it made no real difference to the price of fish.

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