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Hi wondering if anyone can help,

I have noticed that you require 35 ALIS points and 180 UCAS points in order to enter at officer level, however, I can't seem to find anywhere how much each GCSE is worth in ALIS points terms and also whether the 180 UCAS points can include courses studied beyond A levels etc.

I have GCSE's: 1 A, 5 B's, 3 C's of which include Maths, English and Science, a BTEC National Diploma passed at PPM standard, 150 UCAS points from a Higher National Diploma Certificate, 60 UCAS points from Year 1 of a Law degree through the OU and am currently enrolled on Year 2 which will gain me another 60 UCAS points.

Can anyone shed any light on whether these will be enough to allow me to enter at an officer level? Really have my heart set on this so I am really hoping so.



From what I can find:

'Advanced Level Information System: used in the United Kingdom to assess likely academic performance in post 16 education, ie at AS/ A Level or equivalent.

It is based on performance in General Certificate of Secondary Education exams, generally taken at age 16. An A* grade earns 8 points; A - 7 points; B - 6 points; C - 5 points... and so on.'

So if I've added it up correctly you have 52 ALIS from your GCSE's.

As for the UCAS I'm not sure, the website says you must have 2 A-Levels which you don't have. Unless some can confirm on here your best bet is to go to your AFCO.
Thanks for taking the time to reply, I have visited mylocal AFCO, however, it's only very recently been set up and the person running it only currently deals with soldier level intakes and although he was very helpful didn't have extensive knowledge on the officer entry requirements etc.

He has passed my details onto someone from another AFCO who does deal with officer intakes and while I am waiting for them to contact me back just thought I'd see if anyone on here could help me in the mean time.

I'm pretty sure that the BTEC National Diploma is the equivalent of A Levels however I'm just not sure what my results equal in UCAS points and whether or not the courses I've studied since will also count.

May just to have to hassle them on the phone until someone get's back to me

Thanks again
Hello LauraElliott

You do not require A levels as your BTEC counts as an equivalent qualification. your MPP BTEC Nat Diploma is already 160UCAS points, bearing in mind the minimum is 180Ucas points you are well above the required standard with your other quals. The information I have is up to date as of my main board application and includes qualifications obtained in my own time (boyond A levels).
You also have enough ALIS points so long as your math, english and science qualifications are grade c or above.

As a side, I would avoid using your name openly on this forum and can speak from experience that DS do read this forum! (provided LauraElliott is your name!)
Thanks dirk_digler,

Don't know whether this is something you also may know, how many UCAS points do you need to be considered a graduate officer entry? (I'm assuming since it's 360 points to gain a degree then this is the amount required) also if you were to be considered a graduate officer entry would the points have to come from one degree topic or can the points be spread out over different courses?

P.S thanks for the tip with the username, I am very new to this forum and still trying to work my way round it, I will look into changing it now
Well I think the traditional way to go about things is to obviously go to uni and get a degree in one subject area and then go in as a graduate, I was just wondeng whether you could make up the 360 UCAS points (which is effectively what you would get from a degree anyway) and whether these would count towards a graduate entry if they were spread over different topics like I have done.

It's not a massive issue as I want to do this either way whether I go in as a graduate or a non graduate, it's just some questions and things I've been thinking about and since I can't get anyoe from my AFCO to call me back I thought I'd just come on here and see if anyone could help me out with answers.
I havn't heard of anyone being considered a graduate once obtaining 360UCAS points. Wait until Monday and speak to your AFCO, you mentioned that your AFCO is new and not quite up to speed. In which case I would phone around other recruitment offices until you get your answer.

Whether you choose to join as a graduate or non graduate the process is the same, but you may want to search for "Non Grad Entry" to see threads dealing with what can be a touchy subject.
Cheers Dirk, just read through some of the posts and the main qualms between entry as a grad or non-grad seem to be difference in pay and quickness of promotion, yes difference of pay is somewhat slightly irksome, but is completly outweighed by the fact of what you are doing, i.e. going to Sandhurst, getting your commission and starting off in a fantastic new career, if it means earning slightly less then my graduate counterparts then I will just have to put up and shut up all for the 'greater good' :D

Will have the phone at the ready calling round the AFCO's tomorrow, very keen to get the ball rolling and start the process officially.

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