Officer Entry, getting on a bit...

Hi all,

My question is thus; at what point can I start the application for Officer entry before I get my results?

Bit of background:
I work full time as a Manager for a retail company, which quite frankly I hate but it pays well. I always wanted to join up however, I was lured away from my education by money in my back pocket. Something I regret but hindsight is an amazing thing eh!?
I am 24 at the moment and currently finishing off my A levels to meet the required educational standard which won't be complete until I get my results in August 2015, by which point I will be 25, leaving 10 months between my results and the age cut of for being in Sandhurst...
Can I apply before and go through some of the process pending my results to speed up the process, as I know it can take up to 12 months if not longer?
I've been into the careers office but they were unsure and have passed it upwards, has anyone come across something similar?
I have AS levels at B grade so the 180 point tariff shouldn't be a problem I hope!

Thanks in advance!
If the ACIO do not know then contact the central recruitment liaison team - you might find you get your answer a tad quicker.

Further, if you know in which Regt or Corps you would ideally like to serve it may be worth exploring if they have any open days, potential officer briefing days or experience days.

Don't be afraid to pick up the phone and speak to people it is the best way of getting information pertinent to your situation.

Good luck, in the best way, its the best job in the world.


I know you can attend AOSB briefing if you can show that your predicted grades sum up the minimum 180 UCAS points. But you can't attend mainboard until you have your results, this is what I was told before by my CSM. Good luck. Ring the Army