Officer entry educational requirements

Hi wondering if anyone can help,

I have noticed that you require 35 ALIS points and 180 UCAS points in order to enter at officer level, however, I can't seem to find anywhere how much each GCSE is worth in ALIS points terms and also whether the 180 UCAS points can include courses studied beyond A levels etc.

I have GCSE's: 1 A, 5 B's, 3 C's of which include Maths, English and Science, a BTEC National Diploma passed at PPM standard, 150 UCAS points from a Higher National Diploma Certificate, 60 UCAS points from Year 1 of a Law degree through the OU and am currently enrolled on Year 2 which will gain me another 60 UCAS points.

Can anyone shed any light on whether these will be enough to allow me to enter at an officer level? Really have my heart set on this so I am really hoping so.

according to the leaflet i was sent 'Discover the benefits of becoming an Army Officer" when I applied recently you need ;

> at leat 35 ALIS points from best seven GCSEs (where A*= 8points, A= 7 points etc) or 34 from best seven Scottish SCE Standards (where 1=7points, 2=6points etc) which must include English language, maths and either a science or foreign language at a minimum grade C/3.

>180 UCAS Tariff points at GCE AS and A Level, or at SCE Highers, including a minimum of two passes at GCE A2 grades A-E or SCE Highers at grades A-D, or quivalent qualifications.

you have GCSE's: 1 A, 5 B's, 3 C's so that equals 52 ALIS points for your GCSEs, well over what you need :)

as for your higher qualifications i'm not sure what the requirements are besides a-levels but i did find a table on this page which seems to be ale to translate your btec national diploma to ucas points. UCAS - Points Table

I would think however that all your qualifications being equal to or at a higher level than A-Level would count.

The best course of action is to get on the phone to your careers office and ask to be honest.

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