Have tried searching in this forum but cannot find a link to a database where examples of Officer's appts have been translated to Civvy speak. Does one exist? If not, can anyone give me a clue for the following: DS at Staff College, Inf Coy Comd (inc ops) and MA to 3*? Need it relatively sharpish for interview.

If not, who are the best people to help formulate a CV?

Thanks :?
Well (and this applies to demarcation too) - you see the 'search' button on the top right and side of the screen....?

DS at Staff College: Tactical Overview Strategy Facilitator (Feel free to move the words around in any order, it doesn't matter)

Coy Comd (Inf): Human Assets Proactive Implementation Co-ordinator.

MA: Er, Dogsbody/whipping boy/yes man. No way round that one fella.

So let me get this straight. You are a serving Rodney and need advice about how to write bulls**t. No wonder you're leaving! I left as a full screw many moons ago, and after submitting my cv walked into a blue chip company employing only graduates. (My education consisted of a border line 11+ pass) What's more, I didn't lie on my cv, I just 'maximised its functionality'......
The Bluffer's 10-Step Guide to CV Writing

1. Go to

2. Buy The List CD. Its the best purchase you'll make of your resettlement

3. Two days later put it in your PC, boot it up, click "search" and enter your job title / area

4. Every member of The List who has done that job and uploaded their CV ( and there will be quite a few ) will appear on the screen

5. Look through their CVs - and see how they've translated the jobs you've done, and similar ones.

6. Pinch all the ones you like.

7. Keep a file with loads of paragraphs relevant to your skills and experience - a mix of your wording and others' - and combine / trim them as necessary for any given CV

8. Send sample CVs to mates / contacts who have specific knowlege of that industry / market area for their opinion. Don't be precious, they know more than you what is likely to work - respect their advice and re-draft it accordingly.

9. Remember, above all else, that in applications quality - not quantity, counts. There is no "set description" - make sure you describe your postings and achievements in a way that makes the specific employer you're sending it to believe you are a clear candidate for interview. That is the sole purpose of your CV. Once you're through the door with a sharp suit & confident smile its all down to your charm and ability to sell yourself into the job.

10. Good luck!