Officer critical after stabbing

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by h_8204, Aug 3, 2006.

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    A police officer is in a critical condition in hospital after being stabbed with a crowbar as he tried to arrest a group of burglars.

    Pc Peter Doherty, 34, who has served in the Gulf War, was stabbed at a newsagent's shop in Bedworth, near Coventry, on Wednesday night..........
  2. I can't remember a 12 month period when so many of my collegues have been stabbed, shot or killed by other means, for example the officer killed by the RMAS instructor. PC Bezhenivsky, Dc Oak, the list goes on and on.

    Criminals are increasingly bold in their willingness to turn on a police officer with a dangerous weapon, knowing full well that he/she is 90% of the time armed with little more than an incapacitant spray with a 21ft range or a (32" long max) baton. Also knowing the courts won't punish them.

    Outside of the large forces (met and GMP) or PSNI armed back up is usually at least 10 mins away (more in rural areas) and under the control of dithering or cowardly control room inspectors (who give authority to arm in most cases) terrified of someone being shot on their watch.

    Most of this can be placed at the door of the Politicaly Correct civil rights/liberties brigade who think that handcuffing, taser, batons, incapacitant spray, harsh language etc etc is an affront to civil liberties and thus fuelling the "i know my rights" complaint culture which has the police service frozen and more and more inept.

    sorry to rant but im Fcuked off that another collegue is fighting for his life with little means to defend it.
  3. T_S,

    But time after time, when the police are asked to vote whether they want to be armed or not, they vote that they do not. This isn't the 1950's anymore. All cops should be armed in my opinion. You'll soon get the respect of the little pikey cham scumbags when they're staring down the barrel of a 9mm.
  4. I voted to be armed, a lot of officers didn't and for good reason. You shoot someone and no matter how lawful the shoot was you're treated like a criminal and suspended or put on light duties while it's investigated which can take years, then you et treated like a lepar by the bosses.
  5. I'm a police officer and this has got nothing to do with firearms an officer was stabbed, I have had bones broke trying to arrest someone and a gun wouldn't have helped me in my situation it may have not helped in this we don't know yet.

    I want to be issued with a taser this would be far more useful to me, if I'm given a gun i'll carry it but I've never faced an armed criminal in 6 years. But I have faced people with knives, axes, broken bottles, swords, and baseball bats in these situation it would have been over very quickly with a taser.
  6. and even quicker and easier with a 9mm???
  7. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    miss spike & I wish the injured Officer,PC Peter Doherty a speedy recovery & a heartfelt thanks for the selfless act's you all carry out daily to keep us safe.You and your fellow officers are owed a debt that we cannot repay except by our support & belief in you all.
    Thank you.Get well soon.
  8. I'd like to second Spikes hopes for a speedy recovery for PC Doherty.

    I disagree with coppers carrying weapons, it takes a lot of continuous training to have a decent skill with arms, having to keep many thouosands of constables up to speed would be beyond a joke and my opinion is, is that it would be to the detriment of our police forces
  9. He served with me on Gulf War 1. Excellent fella, best wishes and a speedy recovery to you Pete.
  10. Other than Britain, are there any countries in the world where the police are generally unarmed?
  11. Republic of Ireland
  12. Yeah, that's the case in the US.

    Worldwide, guns are carried by cops not necessarily to be fired, but used as leverage. People listen to you when they're looking down the barrel of a gun. However, I agree that a taser is often a better choice. However, if you have both, then you're set for any situation.
  13. Don't arm the Police.

    Create the environment where people who think they can attack the police get the sentences they deserve.
  14. As criminals are a minority and the minority must not be oppressed by the majority I belive the government must do more to bring the majority down to their same level.

    Only then may we have true equality.
  15. Have heard on the news, that there have been so many offers of best wishes made to the hospital in Birmingham, that police have asked people to stop as the hospital can't cope.

    Speedy recovery to the guy and all the best to his family.