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Dear All,

This from the Guardian:

Even critics of the war in Iraq have had to admit they're impressed by the British officers fighting it. Articulate, reflective and apparently decent, they exude authority and sang-froid. But, goodness, aren't they posh. Blake Morrison on the curious appeal of the 'tofficers',3604,928520,00.html

Very good article however I would dispute the last paragraph;

"The unicorns are still here, after a fashion. And very handsome, noble beasts they are. But they no longer have their horns."

I'm not sure that you can use the word handsome when relating to Tofficers, most of my bosses have been dog ugly! ;D
The Grauniad has a chip on its shoulder about everything. I expect that no matter how impressed they are with the ability of the officer class, they will have a dig somewhere, it's in their nature.

You must have read the article  ;). The penultimate paragraph reads:

Still, it won't do to pat ourselves on the back too energetically. Before this war is over, the British Army will make errors too. And no amount of self-congratulation can hide the fact that it's the Americans who are calling the shots: we may be superior in small ways, but they are the ones with more weapons, more troops and more companies queueing up for contracts in a mythical reconstructed Iraq. Perhaps that's why we sentimentalise our gentleman officers - because they remind us of the days of imperial splendour, when Britain had the power and its colonels spoke with cut-glass accents.

Me, a toff?  Hmmm.  While not in doubt that there are a certain breed of officers that match that description, I would suggest most of them belong to a certain core of units.  On encountering a young English subbie in posession of a truly "tofficer" accent and air, one dark Belfast evening, my platoon accused me of ripping them off.  "Boss, he's what we expect orificers to look and sound like.  What happened to you?!  Can we swop?"  Mind you, seeing his reaction to a wee bit of stone-throwing soon convinced my blokes that while not your actual "Boys own" archetype I maybe wasn't so bad after all.  Unicorns?  Maybe some, though it's probably a question of breeding!!  I'll just sit here under my bridge - the billy goats gruff should be along soon!   :D

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