Officer claims of torture

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Disco, May 2, 2004.

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  1. Adding insult to injury..,,30000-13077246,00.html

  2. It certainly sounds as though he was aware of these incidents. When he's found and screwed to a coffee table by his legs, will he tell everyone what he did about it at the time?
  3. from BBC News website

    Wasn't this one, was it?

  4. Is it not curious that not a word has come from the medics about this, especially given TA doctors' and nurses' propensity for writing to the Telegraph etc.?

    If the 'victims' had been treated by local doctors, surely it would be all over Al-Jazeera and Al-Arabiya by now?

    Whilst there may well have been some robust treatment, serious injuries of the sort described surely could not go unnoticed.
  5. Well, yes there were decidedly unlawful things occuring, which were properly investigated by the SIB and action is ongoing. This is nothing new.

    I find the suggestion that these 'quite high officers' were allowing this to occur personally offensive - that is to say 'ARRSE!'.

    In TabloidLand, 'high ranking officer' is shorthand for 'someone who isn't a private soldier'. :evil:

    Is anyone else getting severely annoyed with all these 'tattletails' who appear to be materialising out of the woodwork? A crime is a crime - but there are established channels for processing allegations of this kind - running to the feckin press isn't the answer, and affects morale. :evil:

    PS Disco - apologies for 'quoting' you above - I know they aren't your original comments! :D
  6. Todays Telegraph has a typically crap article in attributed to Andy McNab - A former SAS Officer.

    Whilst one expects the Guardian to be aware only of the rank structure in the Probation and Social Services, one expects better of the Bellylaugh.

    If the Officer quoted on GMTV has any evidence he must take it to the proper authorities, indeed it is both his military and civil duty to do so. If he hasn't any evidence he should shut the fck up. Either way he should not be allowed anonymity.
  7. I'm would say that this counts as 'unauthorised contact with the media' - an act of misconduct in itself - and worthy of AGAI 67 action.

    [Edited to remove the completely off thread comments!! :D ]
  8. I suggest that that would be letting this individual off rather lightly. How many more people are going to come out with this rubbish anonymously?

    If I had been witness to this sort of misconduct I hope I would have the moral courage to make a good deal of noise about it at the time and without the need to hide my identity. Seems to me that this man is not fit to wear the uniform let alone hold a commision!
  9. Bad CO

    Bad CO LE Admin Reviews Editor Gallery Guru

    I suspect that it may well have been, check out the links section of Sir Timothy Garden's homepage.

    I for one find it extremely heartening that a man of this calibre and with such strong defence links will be entering the House of Lords. I've just read some of the work he produces and that is available on his site. As an example, check this out for an extremely well argued piece weighing up the pros and cons of maintaining forces trained and equipped for high intensity warfighting.


    Of all people, Officers should know that the use of exotic herbs and proscribed pharmaceuticals is; unlawful!

    Notwithstanding the point made above that tabloid criteria brass hats are Lance Corporal and above; quite high officers. :?: :?: Only a career civilian would use an expression like that to describe quite senior, quite high ranking.
  11. Interesting read BCO cheers
  12. The smell of BS gets worse. Same Sky link.,,30000-13077246,00.html

    Junior people??? Is that; troops, private soldiers, junior ratings, other ranks?

    The system for overseeing anything isn't flawed because of the work of those being overseen. Unless of course, the junior people are smart enough to conceal what they are up to from the overseers. But the unnamed (always) officer is on one hand accusing overseers of complicity.

    Contradictory and littered with civspeak, American speak even! And how much did the nameless officer get paid by Sky?

    Gas gas gas!
  13. From the pen of Sir Tim: (my highlighting)

    Great stuff from Sir Tim - have a good dig around on his site - there's plenty of little goodies squirrelled away. :D