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Hello Arrse.

Im currently just finishing my final year of GCSE's (Making me 16), I have a huge interest in the military, my father was a Officer in the RN, with many of my fathers friends serving as "top brass" in the Royal Marines at the moment.

This is not the reason for me joining, I feel it offers something different to, say working in BT or a white/blue collar job like that.

I was wondering with regards to choosing my 6th Form subjects, if the Intelligence Corps, The Royal Artillery (The one i'm most interested in at the present moment) or Royal Signals require and A Levels or Degrees to join as a officer in most of their roles? Im considering taking: History, English, Government and Politics and Business. Would I require any more A Levels such as the sciences or maths, to join the previously stated Corps?

Apologise in advance if this is the wrong section, or if "I shouldn't be asking a load of strangers advice about 6th Form Subjects". I just don't want to make mistakes like not choosing chemistry for 6th form if you want to pursue a career in medicine!

From what I have gathered so far the topics you study are not relevant to the regiments you mentioned above. Aslong as you have 5 A*-C at GCSE (including Maths, English language and either Science or a foreign language) and the 180 UCAS points from A-levels then your ok. I am also looking to go into the Royal Artillery and nothing has been mentioned about my a-levels yet.

You may find that the forum at the top of this called "Regular Officer Recruiting" will help you a lot more than just this general Officer forum.

The army website offers much of the information you may be looking for:

The following was taken from the Signals section-

Royal Signals expects to offer commissions to around 45 young men and women annually. Whilst a relevant technical degree is likely to be an advantage it is not a pre-requisite. A general enthusiasm and interest in the Royal Signals role, combined with the intelligence and strength of character to lead our soldiers effectively is much more important.

Minimum Requirements.
All applicants joining the Army as an officer must be more than 17 years and 9 months old and must start the commissioning course at Sandhurst before their 29th birthday. Minimum Academic Requirements for civilian applicants are 7 GCSE passes at grade C or higher (35 ALIS points), including English language, mathematics and a science or foreign language. In addition, an applicant must have a minimum of 180 UCAS points, including 2 A Levels (or equivalent) at Grade E or above.

There is a PDF file document on the Intelligence Corps section labeled officers, which the following is mentioned -

What is the INT CORPS looking for...?
● Flexibility/adaptability - INT CORPS officers
perform many varied roles.
● Sharp thinkers.
● Excellent communication skills.
● Physically and mentally robust.
● Mature, confident, driven, organised.
● An abundance of common sense.
● Minimum 5 x GCSEs at C or above to include
English Language & Maths plus 2 x A-levels.
● Candidates with 10 years UK residency,
however we will look at exceptional candidates
on a case by case basis.

Overall, it doesn't mention whether the a-levels have to be in certain subjects, so I believe you should choose the ones that most interests you. You have got to study these subjects for two years and there is nothing worse than not enjoying the topic you are studying otherwise you will not perform as well as you can.

There will be more knowledgable people on here that will be able to divulge whether any a-levels will help you. But for my penny's worth, choose those that you enjoy.

Do what interests you, but make sure the subjects go well together. No point in faffing about getting a degree that you don't want to do and don't enjoy, then having the relevant regiment turning you down now is there!
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