Officer career viable with no DV?

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by V0jnik, Jan 16, 2009.

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  1. Hello,

    I currently hold SC vetting and am thinking of applying for a regular commision within the corps. Due to my place of birth and family background getting full DV clearence may be difficult (though i have been told not necessarily impossible). The trouble is the regimental selection process at Sandhurst happens well before i would get anywhere near a DV form. Is a career in the corps viable without it? Would the people interviewing me during regimental selection make a spot decision about whether to offer me a place based upon worries about my vetting?

    Int is by far and away my first choice, i have a decent knowledge from my time in the TA about what I'd be getting myself in for and any other regiment would probably feel distinctly like second best. Any information or advice is much appreciated.
  2. The fact you currently hold SC clearance, it is reasonable to assume that obtaining DV clearance is possible. Your place of birth and that of your parent's has already been noted and accepted.
  3. Getting DV really isn't a problem for 99% of people, even those from "dodgy" backgrounds: it will probably just take longer and go into more depth than normal.

    As with anything security related, so long as you are completely open and honest there normally isn't a problem. It is when you lie about not throwing stones at British Army patrols in NI or try and 'forget' (misremember is a nice americanism) that your Uncle Sean was put inside for 30 years etc.

    Slept with hookers/mum is a hooker/family are druggies or dealers? Not necessarily a problem so long as you don't attempt to hide anything.

    Do so, even by 'ommission' and then trying to claim that "nobody asked me about that" will not wash and will have a detrimental effect (you are then viewed as untrustworthy or at risk from blackmail etc). All pretty much common sense (integrity and all that).

    (whose family came from Cavan and had some distinctly scummy relatives and still managed to get DV).
  4. Thanks for the advice, I consider it likely I will have national caveats on any clearance I may gain but I don't really have a problem with that. I'd just hate to pick a career path and find out further down the line that I'm going to hit a ceiling of some sort because of my place of birth etc.

    In any case I still have the hard part of being offered a place ahead of me :)
  5. If you want DV just eat a dodgy kebab... easy.
  6. Length of residence in the UK is part of it. Why no pick up the 'phone to DVA and the HQ D INT CORPS' recruiter and ask if you 'fail' any of the basic requirements in respect of length of residence over here?

    The Corps has been full of 'foreigners' in the past so give it a try - most spys have been 'pure blood' rather than 'mud bloods' anyway (cf. Anthony Blunt - although he was sacked by us fairly early on - went to work for a family of German origin in the centre of London to look after their works of art I understand, between flogging secrets to the Soviets...).
  7. No DV means no regular Int Corps. There are other closed trades and posts as well. DVA will be able to advise you better. They are on the Tinterweb thingy.
  8. Shouldn't worry, I had a DV for 20-odd years and am still SC and I haven't got a single drop of British blood inside me. Tell 'em everything and be unblackmailable and you'll probably be all right.

    Comment withdrawn, with apologies to the subject, on account of being both out of order, inaccurate and potentially libellous.
  9. The only real way to find out is to submit to the schedule. If you pass you will not be told. If you fail you will not get the job.
  10. I hear question 1 on the revised DV form is "Do you like Salsa dancing?" :D
  11. miaow :)
  12. :lol:
    Sorry to intrude but I thought he was innocent?
  13. You're right, he was found innocent and the MoD Plod prosecution collapsed dramatically as far as I recall. I withdraw unconditionally the allegation I made.
  14. But it was made into a reasonable book.

    Although the one person I know personally who got a mention in it collapsed in hysterics on reading certain choice bits (to be fair, he was p1ssed at the time.)
  15. 8O Bloody hell Glad, I was only having a laugh!