officer cadets on Ops

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by fusilier50, Aug 1, 2006.

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  1. we have 2 guys in my platoon who have been made Officer Cadets whilst on an operational tour. they have both objected as they volunteered as riflemen and wanted to get one tour in as bods before they go on to Sandhurst after the tour.

    they have both passed the relevent initial training and are accepted as OCDTs in the TA (but hadnt before they were mobilised).

    Surely this has no place on an operational tour. i have never come across OCDT's on tour before. They are both concerned they may not be covered by their insurance which they took out as Pte soldiers. Although both will be going onto officer training after the tour they are both adamant they wish to do the tour as riflemen but are being forced into accepting their appointment

    it is certainly outside my knowledge and experience as an nco so does anyone know any info on this matter i can pass on to them. links would be appreciated.
  2. As far as I know OCDT is just an appointment as you say, for all admin intents and purposes they are still Fusiliers. However, as far as I know, unless volunteering being on Officer Training puts you very very far down the mobilisation list.
  3. Fusilier50

    I may have an answer for you and your mates. PM me.

  4. I hope they're getting extra pay for wearing the white discs behind their cap badges. ;)
  5. Oi
    Is it that chopper again? you know who I mean. keep your head down round him....if he ever goes outside the wire

  6. hi mate but i am slightly confused. there are so many "choppers" out here i really think there is an epidemic......and the one you mean very rarely goes outside the wire anyway :roll:
  7. Does anyone know the score if an Officer cadet in an otc wants to go on an op before going to sandhurst?? Obviously I would have to transfer to a TA unit and would be more than willing to be a bod, the only problem seems to be time, Im due to rock up to sandhurst in september'07.
  8. Not sure you can just transfer and then get yourself on ops - my unit's policy is that you'd have to complete Phase 2 with us, and possibly part of phase 1 if people aren't sure about you skills and drills.
  9. Yeah I would be willing to do that, what I was wondering was a year and a month a realistic time in which to fit in the neccesary remedial/phase2/pre deployment training and a tour.

  10. Start getting your sh1t together now.

    Where are you based nationally? Start contacting local TACs now. They will have trawls that need filling.
  11. cheers for that GW, am based in central Scotland.