Officer, but no degree?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by onlinebacon, Jul 31, 2008.

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  1. Hi,

    I just finished my first year of college, and hoping to get ABB next year for my A level results... however I don't want to go to University.

    Will this impact badly on my application to be an officer? I know that you only need 180 UCAS points but at selection they seem to like the "life experience" that goes with living away from home during Uni and the associated stuff that goes with it.

    Also, is there anything I can do that will help my application? I'm going to do a silver Duke of Edinburgh award this year, but apart from that?

  2. I commissioned without going to university, but I was 23 when I started - so I had that life experience they look for. You might have enough of the world about you, and many have and done well.

    However, if you are just starting something like Silver DofE, you might want to look at what you do outside the classroom and see whether that is giving you 'life experience'.

    What do you want to do as an Officer? Is it something you have wanted to do for a while, or just don't want to go to uni? Why not uni?

    Just a few questions they will ask you at an AFCO.
  3. One thing that is affected by you not having a degree - pay.
    Officer Cadets going through Sandhurst are on different pay scales with those who have a degree getting paid more. If this isn't something that will bother you then go for it.
  4. Doesn't make too much difference one way or the other. I was not a graduate when I entered and I've just interviewed 2 Potential Officers who have passed RCB, neither with a degree and both are good candidates. Experiences are a factor but University doesn't necessarily tick the right boxes. Get out and do as much as you can but there are distinct advantages in joining early, especially if you are technically minded. Don't rule out the Defence Technology Undergraduate Scheme (DTUS), your AFCO can advise you and it may combine the best of both worlds. Good luck.
  5. The pay definitely makes absolutely no difference to me :)

    It's the job I want to do and that wouldnt change if it paid 10k a year or 100k

    I want to be a pilot in the AAC, so presumeably that would be a good thing if I went in young as they'd have a trained pilot for longer?

  6. Go for it anyway, what´s the worst that can happen? Give you a hint, they can´t make you pregnant :D

    If you do get in, after a few years (on the DTUS scheme) you get to go to one of four Unis (can´t remember them all now but the sqns are Taurus, Thunderer, Typhoon and Typhus (? :twisted: ). You get to go to school on wedges of wonga.
  7. Grads! Pah! I shi t 'em!!

    Lighthouses in deserts - that's what they are: Bright but fcuking useless!!

    Three cheers for the Simple Minds Course!! Get a degree in the university of life, my friend!
  8. :D

    Just seems that 3 years is a long time when I could be doing something worthwhile, in those 3 years could have fully finished flying training and be off to Afghanistan or Iraq, instead of just entering into Sandhurst.

    I don't see why people automatically assume that people to go to Uni are smarter though... wasn't there lots of stories about Uni's stopping people from failing to make themselves look better?

    Not to mention you can get into some Unis with 80 UCAS points, equivalent to one C at A level or two Es.
  9. There are unis and there are unis. Don't for a moment assume that all degree courses and institutions carry the same weight. Although, that being said, all of them will count towards giving you extra pay.
  10. YOs with a degree are daft enough...... how stupid are YOs without a full university education?
  11. "I don't see why people automatically assume that people to go to Uni are smarter though"

    Graduate or not, you'll still be subject to the "fcuk me sir, an officer with a map!" banter. The balance at Sandhurst is a majority of graduates which will have no impact at all on your entry form. If you are not joining for the money, then good luck amd enjoy. Just be prepared for the fact that you will not promoted as quickly as your peers and that you will see graduates who commissioned after you pick up their captaincy earlier. If you are a decent, hard working individual who wants to get stuck in and take pride in your work, you'll do fine. The only other bit of advice I would give is that you get on lots of visits pre-RMAS so that you know which Regiment or Corps you want to join. Sandhurst is busy, so go prepared as the visits are very quick. Best of luck - if you want any other thoughts PM me.
  12. A friend of mine has just had this problem. Went to join up, got told after interviews and BARB that he should live away form home for a year, and come back after that. It's alright, if you don't mind waiting another year.
  13. Your worldly experience is probably limited as a non-grad - that is one thing uni can give you - a further 3 years with new and interesting people, probably away from home.

    Yes, it also gives you a degree, arguably useful for personal development, but not essential.

    The fact that you will be on less money WILL get on your tits - every non-grad I have known schimfs about less pay and slower promotion - because they see the blokes they joined with overtaking them and doing more fun stuff as they have more money.

    You don't NEED a degree though - if you are bright, level headed and chosen by AOSB as having the potential then go for it wil A-levels only - many do.

    If you intend to join and stay in for some time then the relevancy of a degree and the slower promotion/less money thing will become less of an issue the longer you stay in. If however, you intend to be in for 5 years or so, then no degree may hamper your post-military employability (and pay in civvi street).

    all worth thinking about - but good luck in your education and hopefully in the Army!
  14. What sort of "worldly" experience do you gedt in Uni?

    Living on beans and toast and getting drunk in the Union?
  15. There are 7 unis now (Birmingham was added last year). southampton, Loughborough, Aston, Birmingham, Northumbria, Newcastle and Oxbridge.