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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by FlyingSquirrel, Apr 23, 2009.

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  1. I'm going for my Briefing in a weeks time and can't find any example planning exercises, i've been told to go on the army website but the link i have always seems to be under maintence. If anyone has any links or advice i'd love to get some feedback. thanks very much
  2. Look in the AOSB thread in the Regular Officer Recruiting part of the officers forum theres a few in there.

    Saying that if its only the briefing then dont worry about it too much you'll be given a lesson on them before you have to attempt one. I'd save the practice ones for the main board.

  3. Google AOSB Planning Exercise or go on the AOSB web site there is an example on there
  4. I'd wait until you've had the Plan Ex tutorial before attempting the practice one.
  5. I have my briefing in a few weeks so as you can expect I am reasonably nervous and was wondering how much I would have to screw it up to fail. Are we talking a couple of mistakes (be it SD/T calculations or what ever) or a real failure in understanding the task?

    Just want to put my mind at ease.
  6. Don't worry mate, you can't actually 'fail' Briefing and the Plan Ex is just one of many parts from which they assess you. Try not to worry yourself over it, they will guide you through a Plan Ex step by step. After that, you'll get a shot at one by yourself. I ended up having a plan that didn't work and I didn't have enough time to write my entire plan out - I mean, when you boil it down having a plan that doesn't work is about the worst that can happen. If they can see you have followed the problem solving process and have come up with something, you'll be golden.

    As I said, my plan was shite but since I had a good crack at it, it didn't have any sort of detrimental impact on my assessment.
  7. Sapper JNCOs were recently given one of these 'planning exercises' to do on a Cadre course.Most passed.If you cannot do such stuff,how can you expect to command soldiers?
  8. I did the practice one and its a piece of pi*ss. It seems that all you have to do is identify some fairly clear aims and then perform some basic mental maths. Add in a bit of common sense about not going down the route they say has heavy enemy presence and bob (it would appear) is your uncle.

    Are they a higher standard at AOSB? I assume they must be harder and the grilling afterwards is detailed.
  9. Not as such. The one at AOSB is longer (2 pages of text) Can't really remember the briefing one but i think the AOSB one had a few more red herrings in and some more factors to consider.

    It's all about following the process though. If you do this you will be able to come up with a solution that is realistic, achieves most of your aims in time etc.

    The grilling at board was as poo inducing as the one at breifing. Make sure you READ the text, not scan and don't panic if you can't remember every minute detail.

    Oh yeah, make sure you read the very last paragraph which is usually about 2 lines small.
    HaHa, ah... good times!
  10. We've all got our horror stories, but as Father_Gandulph says, stick to the process, come up with a course of action and be able to explain how you got there. It isn't the end of the world if it doesn't actually work in practise - mine certainly didn't.

    They give you a brief recap session the night before at main board, but its still useful to go through a few practise ex's.

    However, there is no need to practise them before the briefing, as they expect everyone to be a blank sheet when it comes to the planex. Believe it or not, you are already fully capable of completing a planex, they just teach you how to apply your knowledge to the problem. The primary aim (as I percieved it) is to equip you with the methods and techniques of approaching the problem at main board (which is significantly more complex!).

    Here's a list of the planex's available on ARRSE. But as the wise posters above have suggested, resist the urge to practise them until after Briefing.