Officer Briefing Day

After squawking in the shadows, it’s now time to ask a question myself.

I have my Officer Briefing Day coming up in a few weeks’ time, which is essentially the ACA interview with a few additional extras … Could those with experience give me any advice/ preparation tips please.

I am happy enough with the actual interview as I know why I want to join to join the Army as an Officer, but some clarification on the below would be great:

- What is expects of us in the ‘Group Introduction’ part of the briefing day?

- How in depth is the current affairs discussion (Conscious that don’t have a great deal of time to prepare)?

- Am I to expect mental arithmetic questions during the interview?

Thanks in advance
I did mine in London in February. It's quite an informal set-up, with the recruiting team and a retd Col. giving a series of presentations interspersed with the activities you've outlined above. I'd say minimal preparation is required as it's designed to be an introduction to these types of tests which you'll do more thoroughly later in the process.

- Group Introduction: Stand up in front of 8 peers and 2 assessors and talk for 2 minutes about yourself. Try to use the full 2 minutes and remember it's about giving them some insight into you and your interests.

- Discussion: Pretty self-explanatory. Make sure you contribute to the discussion, stick to the topic, and involve the quieter folks.

- Interview: A chat about motivations, fitness preparation etc. No arithmetic in mine, but can't speak for anyone else's.

In summary, if you're an averagely confident person who can engage in conversation, it shouldn't be a major hurdle.

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