Officer Brief*

Feck me you will make a great officer with the ammount of preperation you are putting in

Keep going

While you at it use the frigging search function in the Officers Forumn
So you have about an hour and a half to bone up on issues such as (but not limited to) a general overview of current affairs, the qualities of a leader, roles of the military (tri-service), cap-badges and how they interact, our involvement in current conflicts, normalisation of Northern Ireland, procurement of capability, Defence Industrial Strategy, the Defence Budget, etc ...

But the suit should be useful (assuming it doesn't come straight from Burtons, you have highly polished shoes and are not wearing white socks).

Good luck.

(Are you sure you're not Terry F ?)
Just a thought Terry but an awful lot of people attended Officer briefings prior to the advent of ARRSE - how do you think they coped with it?

I'm all for seeking advice (and have used this site myself for that purpose) but you have a brief in an hour or there abouts - what do you expect anyone to say? Read up on military doctrine as your knowledge of this is crucial - not a great deal of time remaining to do this is there.

There is nothing you can do at this stage other than make sure you have washed, shaved, brushed your teeth and run a comb through your hair. If you need to be advised to do those things 'The Military Career of TerryW' is unlikely to become a mighty tome in years to come.

That said, relax, be yourself and enjoy your brief.



Firstly, I don't imagine that they will attempt to spring any nasty surprises on you! If you've been told that it's just a brief, then assume that that is what it will be. If you've looked through officer recruiting material, you will have an idea about what sort of person the army is looking for; bear this in mind if and when you interact with the recruiting people who are there. The army is trying to attract you, not scare you off at this stage, so if you do have an informal interview or chat with the recruiters be relaxed, be yourself and take the opportunity to find out as much as you can about the army and about the process of becoming an officer. It will become more formal as you go down the recruiting route, but it's a well trodden path and there are very few hidden pitfalls.
Terry all of the OTC want out of you is effort. The fitness will come if you want it to.
Plus if you join in your second year of uni they will get one less year out of you. That means if they have a large excess of people applying next year, that may count against you.
Secondly there will be loads of people in the OTC that have done all of the briefs, AOSB, POC visits etc etc. So there is a lot of knowledge on that sort of thing. So I would try and get involved with the OTC as soon as possible.
Just out of mild curiosity - what particular part of the Army are you hoping to join?


OK, various posts edited.

A couple of points:

1. Annoying as it may be to see the same questions asked over and over again, I suspect it is inevitable. A little good natured 'chaff' directed at the miscreant may be in order but full-on loathing-fuelled denunciations aren't. I take the view that the army needs to see as wide a variety of potential officers as possible so that we get to select from a large pool. Arrse isn't part of the selection process but if every mildly fcukwitted potential officer (and who amongst us can claim that they weren't at least mildly fcukwitted at this stage in their lives?) that pokes their head above the parapet with a stupid question gets it shot off, it will put them off. Far better to either answer the question or gently redirect them to the appropriate place.

2. If someone is being a real chopper, then PM me and I'll deal with it. Life is too short to expend a lot of emotional energy on internet discussion forums.

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