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Hello folks, I applied for the Army as an Officer about three years ago, got to a week before my briefing and was ill so could not attend. A week later I went on a ‘Fam’ visit and the major I spoke to advised me to get some life experience (at the time I had just left 6th form) so I did not re-apply for my briefing and went travelling for a year to the USA and then went to University.

Anyway I stayed away from anything to do with my application while I decided what I truly wanted to do and now have come to the decision that being an Officer in the Army is what I want to do with my life.

How do I go about re-applying? Do I need to start from scratch or just get in touch with the Major who was my 'sponsor' at the time? Also on my form I had the Artillery down as my 1st choice whereas now I want to join the infantry, how to I rectify this?

Thanks in advance
Seriously, what does your instinct tell you?

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