Officer and soldier

i hope to be at Sandhurst in January all going well, i've been seeing a soldier fairly casually for a few months now and it's becomming serious. i'm wondering if this is going to be a problem if/when i get commissioned? a friend has told me that if/when i pass mainboard i should just get rid of the guy and have fond memories before it gets too serious.
so what is the deal with officers and soldiers? is it a problem? should i start preparing myself for a possible breakup?



This is covered elsewhere, in some great detail. Try

If it doesn't link you straight to it, you can always cut and paste into the ol' address bar.

Personally, as long as you don't end up in the same chain of command, I don't see an issue. But then my branch doesn't have any soldiers, and I am distinctly out of any chain of command. Other Regts and Corps may have other ideas. It may not survive Sandbags anyway. Many things don't...

Don't overdo the Christmas cheer - it makes life emotional (and I should know...) Good luck for RMAS.

It should be a problem, but probably won't be as 90% of the female officers I know have shagged juniors/ seniors/ anything in tousers.

Good advice on arrse threads.

Won't last.

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