Officer and Soldier Vacancies - 5 MI Bn (V)

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Notrust, Sep 20, 2010.

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  1. 5 Military Intelligence (MI) Battalion (Volunteers) is the Army’s tactical TA intelligence unit, under Operational Command of 1 Military Intelligence Brigade, and tasked with supporting 1 and 4 MI Battalions, 15 (UK) Psychological Operations Group and the Weapons Intelligence Company.

    Whilst all MI Companies are trained in the conduct of Operational Intelligence (OPINTEL), each individual sub unit has a Special to Role task and is affiliated to a regular Army or Defence unit.
    Tasks range from Intelligence Exploitation of captured material and information, Weapons Intelligence to Target Audience Analysis.

    The unit has 5 companies: 4 x MI Coys (Edinburgh, York, Birmingham, Bristol) with associated detachment locations (Lisburn, Gateshead, Chorley, Nottingham, Newport and Exeter) across the UK and an HQ Coy co-located with Bn HQ at Coulby Newham, Teeside.

    We currently have vacancies for both Officers and Soldiers in all locations.
  2. Notrust, PM sent
  3. Afraid this callsign is far too old (and wouldn't want to have to lose my beard, I've had it 10 years now), but the best of luck in attracting the right sort.
  4. Sticking my neck out one vertebra, reading that crystal ball, I would assess that Op MI (V) as a trade is likely to be relatively secure post-SDSR. So as safe a bet on Reserve service as any in these uncertain times.

    Now where's my nearest Company ?
  5. I'm considering moving back to the UK (London, to be precise) in the next few months if I can find the right job.

    At 43 years old and out of the Army since 1992, can I also still rejoin the TA? I've been an intelligence analyst (criminal, terrorism and political) pretty much all the time I've been out, other than during my degree course.

    Wrote to London TA a couple of times for info but the doofi have never replied.
  6. AFAIK 43 is the limit without previous mil experience, the limit with depends on what, when etc

    3 MI is in London, contact details in the link below. Giving them a ring is best.

    3 Military Intelligence Battalion (Volunteers)

    Good luck
  7. RAuxAF will take you at 43 mate...

    RAF Reserves - Intelligence Analyst

    PM me if you want to know more
  8. Fellow Hants person,

    I shall bear you in mind. Many thanks!

    Ah, just seen this: Residency: Must have been resident in the UK for the last ten years
  9. I worked with 5MI on their annual camp this year, a top bunch of blokes who seemed well trained. They seem to have a lot of people from other areas of the army eg infantry. If you are thinking of giving them a go I doubt you will be disappointed.
  10. Not necessarily a deal breaker. Give them a ring, they gold regular recruiting events
  11. This weapons intelligence lark what (in the realms of opsec) do it entail and have you got any SNCO vaccancies
  12. Okay. Will do.

  13. Does anyone have any contact details for the Chorely detachment?

  14. Done, check PMs