Officer and Soldier Relationships

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by h_j_c, Mar 22, 2011.

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  1. This is one just for people whove been serving for a relatively long period.

    Im currently just finishing phase 2 training before i finally go to regiment. query is this! My girlfriend is going into sandhurst end of this year, beginnning of next! Once she passes out she automatically aquires the rank of Cpt. Myself being a Pvt im not really sure how that works. Ive been told it used to be very strict but is much more relaxed in this day and age when it comes to NCO and CO relationships. Naturally my career comes before any women i meet, BUT, if its possible i want to try and avoid anything putting a stop to our relationship. So, can anybody tell me what the deal with these kind of situations.

    Any responses with valuable is helpful!
  2. Don't worry about it. She'll soon meet someone called Tarquin, that only has do a 3 year comission so he can earn his fathers inheritance, and she'll bin you for him. Job jobbed.
  3. wives/girlfriends/ life they all wear the trousers anyhow.can't see what your problem is.
  4. yeah i heard sandhurst was being filled up with arabs now. but regardless being a senior member and all fairness like the rest of the mongs on here you probably havent served it still frowned upon now or not!
  5. Safetys' off...
  6. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Well, that's you told off then PA! :)
  7. This could get fun quickly!
  8. I'm guessing that if she is commissioing as a Capt, then she must be a PQO (doctor/lawyer etc)?

    If so, you can arrange for meetings in a 'professional capacity' - prostrate exams being a favourite.

    Alternatively, you can get your first tape and your PTI qual - for some reason, they always seem to be fanny magnets to newly-commissioned officers (including female ones!)
  9. haha chears badgers. well weve already been together 2 years now hence my concern. im planning on doing the pti course but it will be several years before ill be able to do it. shes going in as a doctor. but how does it workin the sense of....postings. obviously were entirely different reg's and im just wondering how it works out in in terms of housing or commuting.
  10. Well done you!! Coming here and asking "the mongs" a question then giving us....I mean them shit! Way to make friends, you'll go far.

    PA he called you a civvy poofta! :threaten:
  11. BuggerAll

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    Chaps called Tarquin are not usually Arabs. They usually went to school with chaps called Rupert, Robin, Jonty etc and no doubt plenty of Arabs and anyone else with money. I think the point that HRH was trying to make was that she may well meet some one at Sandhurst or as her career progresses that she finds she has more in common with than you. He may also be a lot richer. This is not a reflection on you or her but we all get older and we move on especially if we move apart.

    Back to your original question. No it is no forbidden for you to have a girlfriend/fiancée/wife who is an officer but it won't be particularly easy. Still if its worth doing then it doesn't matter if its not easy.

    BTB I'm surprised that you've got to nearly the end of Ph 2 without noticing that the abbreviation of 'Private' in the British Army is 'Pte' not 'Pvt'. 'Pvt' is the American one.
  12. why should he be called anything else. i had a simple query and all he did was make a lame attempt at mocking me. he is a mong. i think the way most normal people would look at it is as a retaliation! now jog on sweetheart ive got better things to do than argue with old fat people who sit behind a desk all day. im not here to make friends im here to get a question answered.
  13. thank you thats all i wanted to know. yeah im well aware what sandhurst is full off. not the most popular off people haha. and weve already spoken about all that kinda jack with her being likely to meet others during her career but we were just wondering if the rank structure would hinder our relationship until that times comes.
  14. If you don't want banter, don't post in the NAAFI. Simples. Mong.
  15. Hopefully she will be like the little fat quack in Pristina circa 2000, she had an unquenshable thirst for bootneck semen and was similarly fond of TA pussy.

    Face it mate, months from now she will be all a dither at a mess do and acting the belle of the ball, by midnight she will be full of C/Sgt cock and will be seen fleeing the scene of the crime early hours next morning in a torn dress with hair like candy floss and sporting the cold hard stare of a newly confirmed slag....