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My Sam Browne is a disgrace and in desperate need of an extrem makeover. Any ideas where it can be polished to a very shiny state that will last longer than the time it takes for me to put the thing on!

Also, have a No 1 Dress Hat problem i.e it needs braid applied. I believe that it is possible to have one's existing cover re-peaked thus avoiding extreme post-Christmas expenditure.
..... and you wonder why the Toms extract the Michael from the officer class? <Weary sigh>


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Not sure what exactly do you mean by "extrem"

best idea is a time machine and not to have let it get into a raffle in the first place!
I perhaps should expand on the point in order to avoid mass exhalation of breath from Tom and Rick.
Tens of tins of Kiwi, polishing cloths worn to the weave, more cotton stolen from Mrs TC than she cares to remember and the world's largest blocks of beeswax have all been used in cold and molten states (barring cloth and cotton wool of course). I can never get to a level I'm happy with. Just thought there might be some helpful advice as I'm aware this service is available. After all, it wouldn't do for Tom or Rick to see an officer in bad order....would it?
The traditional answer, in days of yore, would be to simply have the belt dropped off at the Guardroom for one of the incarcerated to deal with. The radical approach would perhaps be to strip the belt right back to the base level, a good cleanse with surgical spirit and then on with a fresh hot beeswaxing. A slightly less radical approach might be a covert telephone call to the tailors shop at Pirbright (should you happen to be in that part of the world) which, once upon a time IIRC, used to do just this same thing for the sartorially embarrassed young officer. The same tailors would also be able to deal with the peak of your No1 Dress hat: you will emege from it elevated to the rank of a Field Officer, omnipotent, omniprescent, omnibus to get back home because you're so skint from the promotion party......
TC. Don't know where you are, but I can recommend the Garrison Cobbler in JHQ. He used to do all the shiney stuff for the RHG/D in Sennelager a few years back and has now re-located. Cost yer mind...

As for the 'Hat' try Herbie J or Gieves & Sharks - they will do the biz with the peak....for more cash mind.....
Rick, Mrs TC may well incarcerate me if she sees me in beeswaxing mode again, it is very difficult to get off the carpet and leaves a nasty stain! Also, I am reliably informed that it is foolish to reinforce failure.

Norman, although in the south of England currently, I will indeed be in JHQ soonish so may well have an opportunity to drop off the offending item. Thanks for the heads-up.
Herbert Johnson do No 1 Dress Hat re-peaks. I wouldn't touch Thieves with a barge-pole these days - have you seen their web-site? 8O

As for leather, PM me and let me know how quickly it needs doing - I know a man....
Try just spit-shining your Sam Browne, and not bulling it. If it's already soaked through and hard with beas wax and Kiwi, you may have to just start over with a new one.
sorry if this is either a) too vague or b) completely misses the point, but:

I remember in the back pages of either esquire or GQ a few months back a company that reinvigorates leatherwork (the advert contained a rather rustic pair of brogues) from old to looking new. I'm not sure if they could perform the same work on an SB, but it might be worth a look. Not sure if they are still advertising but it might be worthwhile popping down to the newsagents to see if they are.

I'll have a loook in some of my back issues but I might have thrown it out...

TC, depending where in southern england, the garrison tailors at Arborfield (in Princess Marina Barracks) repeaked my hat last summer for around 45 quid. Turnaround as short as a week if he's slack. RLC Cpl in the MOD(A) Block QMs at Chelsea Barracks is good for Sam Brownes (literally overnight turnaround). Good luck
I wouldn't touch Gieves ever again, for anything. not because of those awful dagger logos they insist on putting on otherwise nicely patterned ties either but because those of us who bought our service dress from the thieves in 1984 were all stitched up. The price quoted was less collar-dogs but that was NOT what the b-ds told us. So when we came to collect them we got stitched for about sixty quid more. Why did we go with G&H, because they were "apparently" forty quid cheaper than next competitor... My mess kit was an atrocious fit too but luckily that got stolen on a train and the replacement was the business! not from Gieves either!

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