Office(r) Eccentricities

Discussion in 'Officers' started by baseline, Sep 9, 2011.

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  1. Just wondering what the best eccentricities you do (or have seen) from Officers either with themselves or their offices.

    I think my favourite was a full size shop mannequin that served as a coat stand and beret 'holder'
  2. One cav officer in Hohne trying to shoot out the lights outside the officers mess. Said the lights were "boringly keeping me awake".
  3. An old boss of mine, now passed away RIP, used to have a saddle as his seat when he was QM, rumour had it that it was from when the Regiment was India based (5th Lancers), although he did come through the ranks, so not like a proper rupert, just a good man manager.
  4. Once had to go to the Officers' Mess in RAF Halton.

    Got stuck with a Group Captain who was obsessed with busses.

    It was the most boring evening of my life. Couldn't wait to get back to the lads and talk about shit, ***** and rapping.
  5. That Dr. Dre is rubbish, I fully agree.
  6. I had a boss who was into vintage cars & used to drive around in something like this below. He was an excellent chauffeur tho' because on occasions when he gave me a lift he used to open and close the door for me, I think he thought I was a bit cack handed & might slam them shut too hard. :)

  7. Dear enchanted one, I hade no idea you and I had such similar musical tastes.