Office Pranks!!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by EL-PIMPO, Oct 2, 2007.

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  1. First one in this morning. Did the rounds with an ink pad on the telephone ear piece and superglued certain items to desks. Then bugged out for the day.

    Immature i know, but it eases us through the day.
  2. I once super glued a badger to our receptionists desk by its paws, then snapped an elastic band around it's ball bag to get it really feisty.

    Funny thing is the receptionist was still locked in the boot of my car with an electric whisk up her ricker after my last office prank.
  3. Get a hair pin or big paper clip and you can 'pop' keys off the keyboard. Swap around and watch confusion reign.
  4. Pull a bit of long white cotton from a piece of harry black, Stick this on the side of someone's car door (dark colours work best) and it looks excatly like a scratch.
    Wind them up a treat by giving them the old "I've just seen someone go into your car mate, though you might want to know ... ".
  5. Clingfilm under the loo seat. Put it on carefully so there are no wrinkles.
  6. When you get an opportunity to get on someones computer whilst they are out of the office, edit the auto replace settings so that when they type in a work of their choice it automatically replaces it with something far more offensive.

    A good one to choose the person's surname as there is a good chance they won't check whatever they are typing and end up send out documents from Tom Fcuknuts instead
  7. Changed the letters on my rather chunky mates rubber stamp from "Cpl ****** MT NCO" to read "Cpl ****** Pie eating Champ"

    4 days before he found out and thats only because the CO noticed first.

    If someone in your section has one of those changeable rubber stamps, what are you waiting for, get some spare letters from the clerks, they wont notice for days.
  8. Did this to a SSM of mine once - FaF - took him ages to work out why his keyboard had a stutter as w w w w ell........
  9. old_fat_and_hairy

    old_fat_and_hairy LE Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    My line manager thinks it's a great prank to come into my office and wake me up.
  10. When i booked out of a certain AAC regt i forwarded every phone in any office i was in during booking out to the office i had just come from. Round robin? Laffed mt tits off for months, apparently that is how long it took to unpick it!
  11. Leaving a Kilo of Prawns in the central heating ducts always works a treat
  12. Take the ball out of the mouse.

    Unclip the cable from someone's handset just leaving it in slightly. When they pick up the phone in a rush, cable pops out.
  13. this implies actually having to come into work and be in the office 8O I'm not sure I can stretch that far.... are there none of these pranks that can be initiated without physical attendance :?
  14. ...apart from signing up collegues to various fan clubs so they are inundated with spam e-mail.