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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Croque_Monsieur, Feb 21, 2006.

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  1. The daily toil for me is to sit in my office plugging away at the keyboard, the office rules prohibit pets (shame really, we have a small rainforest in the lobby) so I was think what I could keep to occupy the periods of mind numbing dullness. A trip to a nature shop solved the problem....TRIOPS!

    Three eyed shrimp/crab things that come as eggs which you chuck in some water and wait. These wee beasties live a few frantic weeks of gluttony, defacation, fornication and cannibalism in the order of your choice. Apparently they have not changed in a bazallion years so the mix must work :D

    On day 6 of my first batch, got about 6 or 7 of the thingies, about 5mm long, swimming around in a small tub next to the monitor, don't think they have started eating each other yet........

    Anyone else have unusual work pets?

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  2. My office sometimes gets visits from the animals that attend the school next door, but apart from that we're not allowed them. It came from when my boss brought one of his pigeons in which escaped and died above the suspended ceiling. Thing stunk to high heaven before maintenance came to get the thing down
  3. ... erm, where I work we have a load of mice, rats and rabbits. Not all of which have been genetically modified.
  4. Poor widdle fwuffy wabbits that get experimented on and then have their fur exported to Russia to make hats?

    The mice of course rule the world!
  5. We have one. 5ft 6, blond, 36C, face of an angel. Makes a great brew, and does the filing!
  6. I have a springador as an office pet...I also have an open window and a .17HMR rifle by my computer with a killing area cleared in front of me. Sometimes I even put bread crumbs down before starting "work"...
  7. Rabbits are large scary feckers that try and kick you when you taking blood from them. Mice are nasty, wee, bity b*ggers that all deserve to die horribly and in interesting ways. B*st*rds. There is a cat somewhere I believe, but no-one's managed to catch yet to stick electrodes in its spine.

    ... and rats. Now rats are cool. Like rats. Alive and f(w)reeeeeee.