Office Morale Flagging?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by tattybadger, Jul 3, 2009.

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  1. I'll lay a fiver on Mr Taylor either being Ex RM, or single:

    Office Morale Boost

    I'll moot the idea in the office today but reckon I'll get an HR lecture for an hour.
  2. Hmmm... why am I strangely attracted to the thought that the only woman in the office to have gone totally starkers had cerebal palsy? TB, why do you always do this on a Friday, you caaaaaaaaant? :lol:
  3. This is already heading NAAFI direction ..... it's to give you something to while away the next 48 hours until your next social encounter :D
  4. Err. . not quite! Fatties walking around the office to improve morale? It may do for the skinny birds but fecking humilitating for the lardy with the rolls of fat and chaffing inner thighs. :pukel:

    I work in office full of blokes so the idea is a complete non-starter. :roll:
  5. As do 40, 42 and 45 Cdo!!
  6. In an office that is populated by 'lift dwellers' (a person who is compelled to take the lift from the ground to the first floor instead of taking the stairs due to size/fitness problems), the idea of a naked office may well decrease morale, and almost certainly increase cases of PSD.
  7. Granted!
    But as I'm the only ex-miltary in the office and the other guys idea of being naked is leaving the blackberry at home, I don't think it will go down well. In the current economic climate I sort of would like to keep my job.
  8. You're not at Abbey Wood are you, Humpy? God forbid they try that idea here! :omfg:
  9. There are one or two maidens in the big white building in Andover (next to the A303) who I have fantasised about without their clothing, but the thought of a mass strip (male and female) doesn't really bear thinking about!