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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Howler, Jun 21, 2007.

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  1. Apologies if this topic has been on before (Please give a link!), I've used the search function , but not had any luck.

    As the title says, has anyone any ideas for utilising the time on a chair, for me, up to 10 hours a day!

    I keep fit outside work anyway, but it just seems to me that I could be working at the desk and working out at the same time. 'Multi-tasking' if you like.

    Nothing too strenuous, just simple, useful mechanical activities please.
    I'm sick of 'Buttock clenching' and sexually assaulting my secretary. :wink:
  2. If theres a gym close by to your office go for 20 minutes on the threadmill or rowing machine. It'll do you much better than 10 hours of arse clenching as theres nothing much CV you can on a chair without a secretary under your desk. :p
  3. Can you imagine the look of colleuges coming into the gents to find you star jumping and pushing up 20 to 30 times a minute!!

    It'd work mind!
  4. Thanks for that, but I ride my bike to work and run 2-3 times a week anyway.
    I'm looking to utilise the office time a bit, the CVs ok.
  5. walk down the stairs and up again

    repeat 20 times
  6. No, no, no Viglen! Maybe I haven't made myself clear. (Shakes head)

    Simple, static, repetative, workstation exercises. I don't know any.
  7. I often sit at my desk and use a set of hand grips and/or my powerball which is great. Try a google search for powerball, they are great for building up your wrist and forearm strength and you can use it sat down.
  8. Wanking under the desk? :twisted:
  9. warning about the power ball is it can get quite loud if you get the momentum up, it might not be suitable for an office, but their only £15 ish ... so you might as well get one and decide for yourself.
  10. leg raises under the desk to work the abs
  11. Yeah thats the one Howler, good bit of kit. Also seen something by the name of Powerbreathe. Has anyone used one yet?
  12. The best use that desk time can be put to is rest. There are 24 hours in a day; if you sleep for 8 and do admin for two, that leaves 14 hours for anything else. If you spend 10 hours at a desk (doubtful but if you say so), you have 4 whole hours left within which to do quality physical exercise every day.
  13. Dragstrip, agreed! Just use the time to rest Howler.
  14. Thanks for that D
    I hadn't really thought of it like that and you're right I don't spend 10 hours at the desk every day and don't forget about free weekends.

    I think a combination of rest, powerball (I hate that name!), handgrips and leg raises is the way forward.
    Thanks for all input.