Offical - Too Fat too "*@k

Instead of spending thousands widening furnaces, why not chop the f*ckers up?

It's not like their going to complain is it?
chop them up? What about their human dignity? Oh, hang on they handed that in the day they opted for elastic waist-banded jogging bottoms...


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Let them rot down a bit first. The cops can do their studies and teaching on the rotting corpse and how long it takes for different bugs to get involved like they have in the US, and then when the stiff has melted down a bit, mop it up and bob's yer uncle.

Better still, post-consentable lypo - that'll fixit!


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FaceLikeAPingPongBall said:
Mince grinder, feet first, feed the pulp to the piggies...
You don't need to go to all that effort. You can give the piggies an entire, in-one-piece body and they'll eat the lot in a couple of hours. That's how I get rid of the dead kiddies I've made.
Use the new Swedish method, and that is to dip them in liquid nitrogen and then drop then on the floor. They then break into thousands of bits which you then shovel up and use for compost.
Two words.

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