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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Tankslapper, Feb 25, 2010.

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  1. Quick question:
    If you have a rank of say Capt, but you're now retired, on official letters you feel the need to make a point and use your old rank, is it:

    1) Capt (Retd) J Bloggs
    2) Capt (Retd RA) J Bloggs
    3) Capt J Bloggs (Retd)
    4) Capt J Boggs (Retd RA)

  2. I thought you only kept your rank on retiring if you were Substansive Major and above

  3. I agree with Magic.

    Proper Info link

    Unless of course you marry into Royalty...Mr Mark Phillips :p
  4. Regardless of the debate about retired rank and when it is "acceptable" to use it, the correct form would be

    Capt J Bloggs

    As Debrett's notes:

    There, from the horse's mouth and without an chippy content about "stuck up" officers or snobs.
  5. Probably best to start off by remembering to spell your own name. And leave the rank out of it, unless of course you are:

    Capt J Bloggs / Boggs RN (Retd)