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Offical - IRA has given uo the struggle

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Sven, Oct 4, 2006.

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  1. From the BBC

    [/quote]It said the IRA does not want to go back to violence and no longer has the capacity to mount a sustained campaign
  2. “The report recognises that some organised crime continues, and is an issue for both republican and loyalist paramilitaries"
  3. It said the IRA does not want to go back to violence and no longer has the capacity to mount a sustained campaign
    My thoughts as well Sven.

    Methinks that the terrorist scum will still be up to no good sometime soon. Can't trust them then and can't trust them now. :lol:

    Adams will have to find new bum boys soon. :p

  4. It said the IRA does not want to go back to violence and no longer has the capacity to mount a sustained campaign
    Like it says IRA. Not CIRA, or RIRA. Dissident Republicans are still maintaining their efforts and are still carrying out attacks on a weekly basis throughout the province.
  5. did we win? Discuss........
  6. YES, we did
  7. We got whipped and as usual sh@t on by the government. Really I expected no less.

  8. I think we should get in there and stiff the dissident republicans before we break out the Guinness
  9. did we? how come we still trot around with weapons, and they don't anymore?

    I am not sure that we won as such, however, in a fast-uniting world, EU, islamic terror, I think they bowed to world pressure, fighting an outdated and outmoded fight just looked increasingly, well, silly
  10. We didnt win at all. It appears that way at the moment, however it will adversely affect the future politics of Northern Ireland in the future. Its a false victory. We lost three Battalions to get it.

    Ok, so we arent losing troops anymore but the dissidents are still carrying out attacks - two last week. Don't fall for the political spin doctors. Most of the UK things its all over now because London isn't getting bombed by the IRA anymore.
  11. No, we think that we won because PIRA gave up the struggle. Whiilst the dissidents are something of a menace, they are not up to the nastyness created by PIRA - or are they???
  12. We did not win. They gave up and fcuked off. Hollow victory and too many losses to say that we defeated them.

    They are still out there, however now will be the headache of the RUC(PSNI) for the future.

  13. I think we did'nt lose the dissidents are just the embers of a dieing fire a lots changed.
    there was'nt ever going to be the chance of a few knackered squaddies raising a Union flag over the massed corpse's of ira sein fein with gerry and
    martin on top of the pile ( however attractive that p/hoto seems :twisted: )
    likewise the ira could never send the british army prods fleeing belfast by car ferry :roll:
    given that niether of those two outcomes were ever realistic the end was always going to be a whimper
  14. I wonder what the report would look like if they took their activities here in the republic into account.
    A lot of Sinn Fein's electoral success in working class areas comes down to their magical ability to make Chav types go away or develop sudden bone conditions.