Offering to buy bacon sarnies - racialist!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Incubus_Imperator, Jun 15, 2013.

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  1. I lost out on dream job because I mentioned bacon: Contractor axed from £1,000-a-week IT role for unwittingly saying he'd treat Muslim recruiter to breakfast sandwich | Mail Online

    When the recruiter sad she'd meet him for a working breakfast he offered to 'get the bacon sarnies in'... next thing you know her boss is on the phone to him about 'racialist' comments.

    Admittedly telling the boss to 'sod off' may not have been conducive to getting the job, but must have felt satisfying.

    Why wasn't this put to bed in person, before the end of the meeting? Or is the boss mistakenly going in feet first on her employees behalf?

    Another 'win' for knee jerk stupidity?
  2. Did this affect property prices in the area? It's not a complete Daily Mail story if it didn't.
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  3. Don't know about the bacon sarnies but the recruiter would get bummed to death.
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    I thought the bacon/pork thing was a religious not racist element. i.e. an Asian can belong to a religious group (or be non religious) that allows the eating of pork. Surely to jump in straight away and say it is a racist remark is ehm, well, racist!
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  6. Reed Recruitment=useless tossers. I was trying to get a Field Service Engineer for an IT rollout I was running. The bloke they sent me knew his computer stuff inside out. But couldn't drive.
  7. Maybe if he'd offered to buy her a drink by way of apology.
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  8. Almost the perfect story,if only yer man had been called Mike.
  9. Pigs aren't racist,so how can a bacon sarnie be racist?
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  10. In the same Wodehousean way that a cigarette can be 'languid'?
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  11. Sad thing is in the DM Comments she is taking a right ripping...

    Did she even complain? Any legal recourse for this bloke?
  12. So in non-Heil land, man goes on interview, makes stupid comment which he knows is likely to insult the person he's being interviewed by and doesn't get the job?

    Next job interview I have I'm going to go straight in and tell the interviewer he's a **** and I'm going to bum his wife, see if the Heil puts me in the paper to draw in the kind of utter ******* moron that reads their rag too.

    'They've blown this out of all proportion', says the thick twat that's gone running to the paper whining that he didn't get a job because he's retarded.
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  13. Ive reported your post for using the"n" word. Hopefully I'll get 4 points in the Longdon "grass a ****' competition.
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  14. I propose a LAW that states: 'any person whether knowingly or unknowingly commits an act of stupidity involving Political Correctness, or commits an act that defies Common Sense, that person shall then be found guilty of a heinous crime and be punished without retribution or right of appeal to either: a) A kick in the plums, b) a punch on the beak, or c) banished to Scotland'
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  15. Why would he 'know' such a comment would cause offence? Should he assume every person of certain look/type/origin he meets holds pre-defined views?

    He actually got the job. After offering to get the bacon butties in at the working breakfast on the first day, he got a phone call from the interviewers boss ref 'insulting' comments.

    Have you never offered to buy someone a pint or make a brew for a person doing you a favour? What if they were Mormon or Vegan (assuming milk as the staple of every cup of tea)?

    The comment (regardless of food mentioned) should have been taken/interpreted with the spirit it was intended by whomever got the bonk on about it.
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