Offensive Shoes!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Abdiel, Mar 13, 2012.

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  1. "It was the equivalent of calling a shoe 'the Al Qaeda', one leading Irish American said. TFB.

    Irish Americans can go and FUCK themselves.

    Where can I get a pair of these trainers?
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  2. My Grandad was a Black and Tan.He never wore training shoes though.
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  3. Those that call themselves Irish Americans are about as Irish as Obama is American. Just cos Great great great great great great great grandpappy seamus came from Ireland does not make one Irish.

    Try Brixton for the shoes
  4. So is your dog, but I bet they won't fucking have a go at him.
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  5. the emp has been busy at Nike I see.
    Too be sure what could be more Irish than green Guinness a back and tan trainer will hide the beer stains ideal for enjoying st Pattricks day parade.
    Gees thank emp this will show the British the rebels can never be beat.

    Emp walks off humming the sash :)
  6. So was my Great-Uncle: if some Paddy had decent-looking shoes he used to confiscate them and sell them in a pub later. I read his diary and he used to refer to wealthy Micks as 'money trees'.

    He was a right cunt; then again it does something to make up for the shame of my Dad being in the RAF Police.
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  7. Looks like a pair of trainers that are coloured black and tan to me. Who gives a flying fuck about this? Black is a colour and so is tan. Is that phrase banned? If they were called 'the holocaust was a laugh' I might see their point.

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  8. ben and jerry's did an ice cream calld "The Black and Tan" and then withdrew it.

    But then I thought that they should bring out a Limited Edition "Phish Food" ice cream with Usama Bin Laden on it.

    I'd buy one.

    Some people need to get a fucking sense of humour.
  9. I'll stick to my Adidas Loughall's I think....
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  10. And I'll have my Puma Gibraltar, Flavius.
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  11. Naming a fitness aid after a drink? Whatever next, Snakebite tracksuits?
  12. Wossat then? Shower gel?
  13. HHH

    HHH LE

    There has been a recall of these products, as there has been complaints that too much force was used in the making of the trainers, leading to the likely-hood of the wearers falling down.