Offensive drinking?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Snow_White, Sep 8, 2004.

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  1. Yes! Wonder if they'd like us to call a drink Smoking Twin Towers

  2. No... It's a reference to the ingredients. Get a grip. On your glass.

  1. In the US, in some bars they sell a drink called Irish Carbomb, Guiness with Baileys and Jameson, guarranteed to land you flat on your back.

    Do you find the name of this drink offensive?
  2. Have you nothing better to do love?

  3. Is that an offer?
  4. Rince - you took the words right out of my mouth.

    Mr Dale is playing nicely though.... :lol:
  5. Yeah, wash my pants.

  6. Do you want one?
  7. One what?
  8. No Comment.
  9. "large portion" - Wallop


  10. Hmm well get the lingerie on and I might tell you. Pictures in the gallery if you please.

  11. Ant - NO MORE!

    i cant bear to see you in upside down webbing any more!

  12. Now where abouts in the list of ingredients (Guinness, Bailys or Jamason's) is any reference to 'car' or 'bomb'?

    Irish? Yes, I'll give you that one, just not so sure about the other two. Unless 'carbomb' is a reference to having to phone a codeword to the wife and her cordon of a couple of hundred meters around you when you get home??? :roll:

    The drink's title is obviously a shining example of our colonial cousin's side splitting humour and disregard for any form of terrorisum not involved in plots to attack their harmonious shores. It is after all the so called 'land of the free'! :wink:
  13. PP u spoilt it - u went serious!

    oh well..

  14. Bend over biatch :wink:
  15. Sorry..... I've had a hard day!

    (He he he...... I said 'hard' :lol: )