Offending behaviour

A couple of months ago, i was on a riot control course in Oxford, which in usual style was fuelled by beer, kebabs and debauchery.
The last nights p!ss up, one bloke from our place decided that we were all going to try and offend birds as much as possible, as many of them were miserable cows in this bar we were in.
Anyway- after many failed attemts to offend to the point of blowing chunks, gav decides that he was bored and decided to have a go himself. He sighted three quite fit girls sitting alone in the corner of the bar. He limped over in a ridiculous fashion and asked 'are there any other good places to drink in this town, but bear in mind i cant walk very far cos i got injured by a rhino in africa last month.'
Intrigued by this, the blonde thing on the end asks 'injured by a rhino- what happened?'
'i got chased by a rhino and didn't make it to the landrover in time.- do you wanna see my rhino wound'
at this point he drops his keks and bent over- revealing his bumhole, and farted loudly straight at them. One threw up on the spot and the others ran out screaming.

Mission accomplished
Thats fecking quality!!! Gonna try that one out tonight..

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