Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by BornSlippy, Apr 16, 2009.

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  1. Google -> Offended -> First link. Enjoy, hey you get a certificate when you get to the bottom so it's worth it!

    I particularly liked the pic where they had stuck things up that dead girl, you can tell she would have had a fit face.
  2. Some good pics on that - nice one!
  3. Cheers, I always like to know im doing my part for the community :D
  4. Taking for-fcuking-ever to load,
    looks good so far :D
  5. Is it wrong to have a harryhardon looking at the dead girls?
  6. Never! Necrophilia - think inside the box :)
  7. hope not :twisted:
  8. Ahhh, Encyclopaedia Dramatica.

    Is it slightly worrying I'm more offended by the Furries, than by the gore...?
  9. I was typical good Brit,

    Not bothered about any of it until they started killing the poor wee fluffy animals.

    p.s. the girl who hung herself would get it :D
  10. I think Ive just found the source of my avatar for the next few years
  11. Got a bit repetitive, cats are boring
  12. Aww what! I must have missed that bit!
  13. Just the Dogs, cats can all burn in hell :twisted: :twisted: :evil: :evil: evil buggers
  14. Sliced c*ck looks a bit uncomfortable.
  15. Bollocks cut off, quite horrific, but i had to laugh at the charred corpse with yank flag up arrse. About half way as i type this...
    Hmm, a lot of the photos are repeats. Bit bored now...
    Did you know? : Short bursts of stress, as simple as trying to solve a puzzle, or seeing images of flayed dead women and rotting cocks, makes your body produce immune-system empowering proteins? Next time you get a cold, give this page an ol' gander!

    And now i can live and work in the USA. As if life wasnt shit enough, i now have that little nugget of info. Might forward this on to Mrs KCCO and a few civvy mates.